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Chris Mouse gaming aftermath

By Blackwalt - Posted on 02 January 2012

Because Chris Mouse is a time of games

Giving, sharing, and most importantly getting. Let's not kid our selves.

This year instead of listing the games I got and talking about their mixed quality, let's ignore the actual games and get right down to what's important.

The review scores!

Let's see what I gave away shall we...

Grand total average right off the bat – 80.82%

    Now let's talk about this just to fill space cause I really only care about the stuff I got...

    One of the gifts was well thought out which pushed the average up. One of them was a last minute bonus gift and one was just obvious. But I appeared to be generous in the gift giving game average review with a decent 80%. Not bad, not bad at all. Particularly considering historical precedent. There's always next year to be scrooge (again) I guess. Please note that nowhere did I say I was generous with my funds. Or my taste.

Now for the Holiday loaners

Grand total average – 89.74%

    Filling space...

    This is a skewed average as these were loaners. Why would anyone loan out bad games? Okay, well sure, Stormblade. But let's just assume none of these were loaned out to him. The low game review score on this list was 82%. It was also, strangely enough, the most appreciated and the most enjoyed. So keep in mind that review scores are objective.

Now for the games received category

Grand total average – 75.48%

    This isn't filling space cause this is the important stuff.

    Okay, disclaimer right of the bat. I bought a lot of these games for myself. Not all of them but a lot. I just could not ignore the EBgames daily door crashers that Coxxorz kept posting. I couldn't.

    I was happy with my 75% average because I had expected gifts from others to bring the average down more. This is not "bah humbug" spirit, this is based on historical fact. FACT!

    The highest score was a surprising 87% and the lowest score was an also surprising (for a totally different reason) 59%. Not bad at all.

    I still haven't played any of them but I am looking forward to most of them.

Special bonus category - games exchanged for a better price after Chris mouse

Because you know we all did it.

Grand total average – 81.85%

    This isn't just filling space cause this is bonus text.

    And only one game technically. I took advantage of a 50% off boxing day sale but managed to spend exactly the same amount of money as I bought two copies! Okay fine, one cent less.

Special bonus bonus category - games review score differential

Differential between Coxxorz and Blackwalt's gifts (to each other) – 2.85%. In Coxxorz's favour!

    Within three percentage points! Wow! I was really impressed by this stat until I ran the numbers between Stormblade and I.

Differential between Stormblade and Blackwalt's gifts (to each other) – 0.36%. In Stormblade's favour! What's with that?

    Less than half a percentage point between the game reviews averages. I have to say averages here because I was gifted two games from Stormblade. Which you would think was generous until you found out which games. Not that it went both ways or anything. No, no, no. Never.

I can't complain here as both Stormblade and Coxxorz included cool things in the gifts along with the games. All I gave them was the games. I'm just not a generous guy. Towards them.

Also of note is the fact that the Coxxorz/Blackwalt games were in the review score range of the mid 80's. The Stormblade/Blackwalt games... were not.

All game review scores via Game Rankings.

Coxxorz's picture

I'm looking forward to playing 81.85% co-op, but 85.01% has definitely piqued my curiosity. You never know with those wildcard titles.

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