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In the realm of the Guba

By Stormblade - Posted on 22 August 2007

Half-Pint remembered me.

This can be perceived as a good or bad thing, depending on the moment.

The initial meowing and purring was nice, followed quickly by the 'FEED ME NOW!' yowl, and then the 'LET ME OUT NOW!' yowl. Similar yowls, but different meaning, which is made apparent using cat sign language. That being either perched over the bowl and yowling or slammed up against the back door yowling.

Of course, once HP goes out, I am left with Patches. I admit it, Patches creeps me out. She gives me the 'Who the hell are you?' look every time I see her. The problem with this is that, when she goes away and comes back again, she gives me the identical look. This is repeated throughout the evening. If is followed up by her jumping on the bed when I am sleeping, coming up to my face and giving me the same look before leaving again. This repeats at least 10 times during the night. Sheesh.

HP returns before bed. He sees me and proceeds throw his shoulder into my leg. I understand Garrett a little better now. When a miniature cow throws itself at your shin, you can stumble if unprepared. He then proceeds to yowl for 20 minutes about lord knows what before settling down.

Which leaves me with Patches.

'Who the hell are you?'

Blackwalt's picture

Garrett or Dresden?

Mister? Is Dresden's cat.

Garrett's pet is a dead logher.

Stormblade's picture

Yes, thinking Dresden, saying Garrett. I have done that more than once.

And it's loghyr, not logher.

Coxxorz's picture

Or "loghyr"?

Stop referencing obscure fantasy literature!

Stormblade's picture

A Loghyr is a humanoid creature with a very long nose. They are extremely intelligent, having multiple minds and pathologically stubborn. The Loghyr in question has been dead for 300 years but refuses to accept it.

He's Garrett's sidekick.

And you need to catch up on the classics!

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