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HoC experiences Dead Island: there is no Horde Mode

By Blackwalt - Posted on 22 September 2011

No pants, just tighty whities! No, I'm kidding. I'm a boxer kind of guy, I like to have things flapping around free.

So yesterday, much to my confusion, there was a ton of Clan Cats online. All of them kept inviting me to play something called Horde Mode. Which was very confusing for me as Dead Island has no such thing as Horde Mode. What is with these guys? They are more confusing than normal. Which is a lot.

I would still list Dead Island as a buy. Not as a must buy yet as I still haven't tried multiplayer. I was asked yesterday by an EBGames guy if I was bothered by the glitches. "What glitches?" I responded. Admittedly I have seen a few but nothing that bothered me.

It was pointed out that the majority of the glitches may be related to multiplayer. How would I know that?

Still walking everywhere to slow down progress. 76% on the Main Plot Progress. My character is level 32. All I am carrying is swords, grenades, a pistol and, of course, a shotgun. Oh, and one kukri. You have eight active slots so I am carrying four swords. Two of them I have added poison to, one I have added electricity to and one is unmodified as of yet. I need parts. Surprisingly I rarely use the shotgun.

I have worked my way to the fourth map, the Lab and I am trying to pace myself so that I don't reach the fifth map until I have some backup.

Some backup that will stop playing Horde Mode for an evening...

I expect I will play a new character when I start another game with, apparently, some complete stranger. I just have to figure out how to do that as I don't want to replace my existing game. I have spent a lot of time alone in it.

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Can you copy your game save to a memory stick? Then start a new character and restore the old one later?

Just wondering, it's not like I received two copies of Dead Island today or anything...

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