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New HoC high for Call of the Dead

By Blackwalt - Posted on 11 May 2011

Technically. Technically, I was there.

In my rush to abuse Graybush earlier I forgot to mention that we got to a new high in Call of the Dead. And by we I totally mean Graybush. He essentially played the last three levels alone.

This was the first round (of Call of the Dead

Level 13 with four perks: Level 13 was still a recordLevel 13 with four perks: Level 13 was still a record

I went down in level 14 and never fully recovered. I would spawn, buy the nearest weapon, kill a couple of zombies and then disappear under a horde. Graybush would then finish the level on his own.

At that point in the game reviving someone is impossible without a convenient powerup. He would run around the map and my character would die. Rinse and repeat at the start of the next level.

It was pretty impressive, despite his earlier failing, to see Graybush running away, screaming, from the horde while occasionally shooting behind him. I had a great time watching him from my ghost mode and backseat driving. "No left! The next left. No not that one... oops, sorry."

Despite his best efforts Graybush never did get a chance to Pack-a-punch one of his weapons. It's the one standard thing that we still have not managed to do. There is always next time.

Still with two players we managed to get to Level 17 which is 5 levels improved over our previous best.

The things that matter?

  • Open doors so there is always an escape route. The zipline at the top of the lighthouse was good for this.
  • Getting good weapons
  • Jugger nog (and other perks I guess)
  • staying alive long enough to get money.

So we need to get together again, hopefully with more than two players, to further test our new strategies. Such as they are.

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But I left all of my XBox stuff in Arundel, so I won't be on before tomorrow night. Unless I have to go into the office on Friday and then it will be Friday night.

Yes, yes, I know I suck.

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This changes everything.

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