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Combined CafePress order.

By Blackwalt - Posted on 21 August 2007

As well as a quick note that I am away for the next week or so I wanted to mention something that Stormblade and I spoke about.

Physically that is. That's right Stormblade and I were in the same room at the same time (at my place) and had a real conversation. Totally whacked I know.

Anyhow, CafePress HoCP stuff (link at the top right). Stormblade and I were both talking about ordering hats and other items when we came to a startling conclusion (for us).

Coxxorz collects funds on each item we order (a portion of said funds may even come back to domain and hosting costs) but gets no share of the shipping and handling charges.

So we should plan a mass order of everyone's items together and place one single order instead of many individual ones.

Think of what you would like to get (if anything) and I will collect responses from everyone when I get back. Feel free to make new item suggestions to Coxxorz if you would like.

And if successful, we may do the same thing in six months or so to make sure no one feels left out.

Stormblade's picture

Actually, Q-Bert needs a 'Rated E' shirt.

Coxxorz's picture

Hot off the virtual press... and none too flattering, either.

They're not exactly the kind of shirt you buy for yourself, but I get the impression that most shoppers are buying products as gifts. Sadly for you guys, Herd of Cats members are often my inspiration for these designs. I guess that's why most of these fall into the "Booby Prize" category.

If CafePress ever has a special where you can order one of everything in your store for an amazing discount, I'm all over it.

If I ever figure out how to put an image as a link.

Coxxorz's picture

And don't forget that CafePress periodically has a "free shipping" promo, as well as certain-percentages-off-when-ordering-from-your-own-store events. None going on now that I know of.

But there is an ongoing 35% "bulk discount" program for shopkeepers buying 15 or more of a specific product from their own store. We'd have to be willing to fork out over $125, and somehow get rid of the excess swag. Also, no commission is collected on shopkeeper purchases, so our reviled (revered?) host would not benefit.

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