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Let's make sure this time...

By Blackwalt - Posted on 21 November 2007

With Stormblade's impending departure to Denver for six months, his second death should be celebrated. Let's make sure this time (you know what I mean) and send him off in a true Herd of Cat's way.

Yes. A Xbox 360 LAN party which hardly anyone will attend. Well, some of will attend. Just to make sure...

Locale: Blackwalt’s basement

Time: Friday November 23rd – 3:00 to whenever(ish).

Games of choice:

    Rainbow Six Vegas
    Halo 3
    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance (if a change of pace is required)

Coop preferred by the Corpse of Honour:

The only game that does more than 4 player coop is GRAW2 so bring it if you own it.

RSVP!!!!! Basement rearrangement will be required depending on the numbers. We hope to have it running though live so that individuals can attend virtually.

B.Y.O. Booze, Xbox 360, Xbox 360 games, power bars, network cables, headphones with inline volume control (headphones will be required as everyone will be in the same room – help and adapters are available for the technically inept). It is recommended to label everything before you arrive, as the host will claim any loose unclaimed items for later sale on eBay. And my definition of loose is vague.

Police Report excluded from the original invite. Attached purely for reference.

Ice's picture

Did we make sure?

Coxxorz's picture

Well at least I haven't heard from him since Friday. It may have something to do with shooting him in the chest with a pistol...

Blackwalt's picture

Not sure what this means but I assume it isn't good...

Blackwalt's picture that there is no plan.

I am not working tomorrow and will be running errands. Including groceries. If you want something other than chocolate, coke and diet coke speak up fast or provide for yourself. I hope to be back early afternoon (probably sooner).

I have a planned layout but little to no setup will happen tonight due to ill preparedness, laziness, and soreness (snow shoveling). Plus it would interfere with my Call of Duty 4 playing time.

Pizza for supper. On Stormblade.

Official start time is 3:00 but you are welcome earlier to help with setup/cleaning. First person to comment on the mess gets to clean the entire house. While the rest of us play games.

I have to pickup Roly at 5:00 and he and Guba will be joining us for supper. Deal.

I expect Stormblade and possibly Q-Bert will be crashing here. Storm gets to share with Half-pint and Q-Bert gets Roly's bed.

Q-Bert's picture

I don't care what bed I get as long as I don't have to share with Stormblade.

Stormblade's picture

I realize that I really have no choice but to attend, but the visual is a little disturbing ...

Shouldn't there be more blood?

Q-Bert's picture

The body was dropped here, and left very little blood. That means the "gaming" occurred somewhere else.
We are looking for a second crime scene...

Coxxorz's picture

Although I feel more left out by not having something more interesting to do that day...

Ice's picture

I've already committed to going North this weekend, so I won't be around and won't have any internet access.

Unless this 15cm of snow we are supposed to get shuts down the city. Which given that its Toronto, is possible.

MauriceRevek's picture

Already commited to going to Montreal for a squash tournement. I can leave my x-box with Q-bert if it is required.

Blackwalt's picture

Take it with you and join us virtually.

Q-Bert's picture

I am told that I will attend.


Please stop talking.


Some lines may have been crossed.

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