You are hereApple refuses to repair or replace damaged iPhone and iPad

Apple refuses to repair or replace damaged iPhone and iPad

By Coxxorz - Posted on 29 June 2010

Even though the owners had purchased Applecare, they were still turned down when their newly purchased gadgets suffered an untimely demise.

Akuf's picture

Is this a pre-requisite?

there is probably 1000 people here waiting I don't think even one of them has had sex with a girl

Does QBert qualify?

Wonder if swag and revek will be there when it releases here in July.

Swag's picture

because I hate apple and would never be caught dead in a line for any kind of gadget.

Blackwalt's picture

Sure. Why not?

Q-Bert's picture

I have 2 daughters that can prove that I've had sex before...

Wait, that didn't come out right...

Akuf's picture

Revek told me they were adopted?!?! [not joking either]

MauriceRevek's picture

It only proves your wife got pregnant. Not that you had sex.

2 words.

Artificial Insemination.

Or another 2 words.

Real Man.

Q-Bert's picture

... pranks and drops and such that these people do to "test" the iPhones, how do they make their money back ?

For Engaget, I get it, they make money from the ads on their website, but these asswipes just blew over a grand to do a prank and record it and put it on Youtube. Does Youtube give a dollar per view ? That's what I don't understand. Do these kids have a Herd of Cats-like website and put up the video and make six grands in ads just because they put up that video ? We put up Google ads for a year and we got $0.0563. Yes, that's less than 6 cents. We never even got a cheque.

Blackwalt's picture

ipaddummy - $49

    Why would you buy an iPad dummy aka ‘display model’? Well, honestly we don’t know either, but you know you want one! Use it as a serving tray, decoration in your room or prank your friends with it. There are a million and one uses for it!
Coxxorz's picture

No chance of a lawsuit there.

Maybe they sell replica webmasters...

Coxxorz's picture

Although it wouldn't be that hard to fake it (using a dead iPad/iPhone), you have to wonder. Unless they're just using the publicity to get noticed by Hollywood, to get their big break. The comments on YouTube about this are pretty funny. Some people are genuinely angry because they can't even get their hands on one, and these guys are destroying them!

And I don't think Google sends out a check until you amass at least 75¢ in your account.

Swag's picture

Just like everyone else who was in line!

Akuf's picture

I think...

Or they are your typical California Rich Kid Delinquent

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