You are hereNewer, slimmer Xbox 360 - shipping today

Newer, slimmer Xbox 360 - shipping today

By Blackwalt - Posted on 14 June 2010

Same price - $299

Important facts as HoC sees them:

  • built in 250 gb HD - interchangeable in some way
  • built in wireless
  • same price at $299
  • quieter - one fan instead of two
  • more usb ports
  • older HDs and memory cards DO NOT work
  • HDMI
  • specific port for Kinect (is Kinect compatible with older Xbox 360s?)

More info at:

Kotaku - This Is The Smaller, Sleeker, All-New Xbox 360


Gizmodo - The New Xbox 360 in Person: So Glossy It Hurts

Personal Game Reviewer's picture

According to Microsoft the new Xbox 360 Slim cannot Red Ring "by design". Which means, quite plainly, that they put no red lights into the machine. So, we have to wait to figure out what colour the new ring of death will be.

You may now go back to doing what you were doing before you read this.... now... seriously stop reading and go away....

Coxxorz's picture

If you can't fix the error, either call it a feature or redefine the term "error" in the dictionary.

Doesn't matter what the colour or pattern of the failure indicator is, unhappy gamers will give it a name. Deal with it. Unless of course there is no indicator at all, and the machine simply doesn't turn on (not good for Tech Support).

"Black Brick Of Death", anyone?

Pebbles's picture

... last longer?

Coxxorz's picture

Was that a shot at Microsoft, or masculinity in general? Or maybe a serious question? Insufficient data!!!

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