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World Cup 2010!!

By Stormblade - Posted on 10 June 2010

For those of you who care (and this is perhaps the only thing Swag and I agree on), the World Cup starts tomorrow. This is the World Cup, not some slimy impostor like what the IIHF attempts to push on us once a year.

You can watch every game online on ESPN3. Click here to register.

Since I generally cheer for countries who suck and therefore are not participating, I have to pick a favourite. Ireland should be there except for the fact that the French cheat. Can't cheer for the English because that's like cheering for the Leafs. Portugal would be high on the list except for Ronaldo abandoning the Red Devils for hated Real Madrid. I would cheer for the Azzuri, but they are boring. Go Samba Boys!!

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Spotted in The Ottawa Citizen on Saturday.

Stormblade's picture

Playing like the goddamn Azzuri and very nearly blowing it!

You may wonder why I care, but my 3 stepkids are 3/4 Mexican.

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You're half the man I thought you were.

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But he is a 2 bit player. (A quarter of a byte is 2 bits...)

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I am watching the live feed now and it's decent. I am impressed...

Forza Italia and Forca Portugal!

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What nationality are you?

hopefully not a francowop like swag

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I am a Porkchop-Wop, we consider ourselves to be a far superior breed!

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I am Porc and Moroccon.

hmm interesting. If you are in Ottawa this could mean we have actually met.

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First off I live in the damn closet! Secondly, I don't hang out in the Portuguese (or Italian for that matter) community much.

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It's a cold day in hell when me and Stormy agree.

I was just telling Noir today that England are like the Toronto Maple leafs, they think they are the best but haven't won anything in almost 50 years.

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