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Zombie Killers Extraordinaire

By Blackwalt - Posted on 01 April 2010

A story in pictures

So I last spoke about "Blowing past our previous record of Level 27 right up to our new record of Level 28!" with a stellar improvement of one entire level. And frankly we were pretty pleased. Getting to that level 28 took a while.

And we also spoke about how we needed Coxxorz to get us past level 28.

Turns out we were wrong. He was just holding us back

You wouldn't know it by the way our first Der Riese attempt turned out:

That's a 5 by the way. Just in case you missed it. The first round of Hell Hounds had their way with us.

On our second attempt we cruised past Level 14 but not without some troubles.

These things are ugly. With a capital G.

We (Blackwalt mostly) went down a couple of times and we were all having difficulty getting the weapons we needed and upgrading them.

Here we are at Level 27 showing the Tickle Trunk just before it disappeared. Yes, the teddy bear again. What did you expect? Graybush had just used it. It's his gift.

So Level 27 is good for us but pretty standard fare.

So here we are, Level 28, set up on the Catwalk of Hope and Love with Stormblade and I in our positions and Graybush nowhere to be found.

Level 28 had been our previous high. Up until now.

Level 29 – a new high. Please notice that my Porter's X2 Ray Gun has no ammo and while it looks like I have $10,040, I have to spend $5,500 on perk-a-colas – juggernaut and speed reload. Not enough left to buy and upgrade a weapon.

We went into Level 30 with one full weapon and whatever we had left as a backup.

Level 30. Yet another new high.

"Fetch me their souls!"

Hell hounds. Good news – we'll end the level with a Max Ammo power up. Bad news – Hell Hounds on Level 30 are tough. Worse news – no respite after the level, Level 31 will start right away.

What can I say? Level 31 – our new high. It got exciting. Graybush and Stormblade went down and were revived. Several times for Stormblade.

We ran out of ammo. All three of us. All weapons. No grenades either, Graybush almost cried. We looked forward to going down as we had ammo again in our sidearms until we were revived. An odd strategy but it bought us an extra minute. We were crowded into the Rave room at the end of the catwalk. Stabbing with bowie knives for everything we were worth.

We threw a monkey bomb to distract the Zombies long enough for Stormblade and I to buy STG-44s off the wall. As the STG-44s weren't upgraded getting back to the catwalk was interesting and we did pretty well until the STG-44s ran out of ammo. They didn't last as long as we would have hoped.

Back to knives and hope. And reviving each other. A lot.

Level 31, our new personal best at Der Riese.

Quite frankly, we were near the end of Level 31 and if the weapons had gone more our way I am pretty sure we could have survived it. Pretty sure...

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It's true!

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I guess Coxxorz is at your desk...

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He simply recognized the fact when you say you're ready to go for coffee, you should be ready to go for coffee.

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