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Save 25 on Cafepress TODAY ONLY

By Coxxorz - Posted on 30 November 2009

In an apparent brain fart of epic proportions, I forgot to post this in the wee hours of the morning.

Maybe it was the lack of sleep, or maybe it was the raccoons I had to chase out of the garbage (thanks for the composting bins, City of Ottawa - great thinking there), but somehow this slipped under the radar.

For TODAY ONLY, you can save 25% off your Cafepress order using the coupon code "25FORU". And if you let me know ahead of time, I can drop the price of the item(s) you want from the Herd of Cats stores to the wholesale price. Assuming people actually buy any of that crap.

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I can't stand the suspense of having to read the whole story!

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And it says the coupon is not valid for my purchases.

Apparently it doesn't like HOCP stuff.

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That if you don't go to the HOCP site, but search for HOC stuff at Cafepress, the prices are much higher. For example, click the link above and a large HoC mug is $16.00. If you go through Cafepress and search for it, it's $20.50.


Coxxorz's picture

Maybe it's taking 25 off already?

I've contacted customer service. We'll see if they respond in time.

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