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Guess what's out?

By Blackwalt - Posted on 24 November 2009

Yeah, I know you know

Available for only 800 MS points!

Download it direct from your browser!

    The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned is an add-on pack for Borderlands with new enemy types, new missions, and new ... surprises. The Jakobs Corporation would like to invite you to experience the splendor of a corporate owned small town known as Jakobs Cove. Any rumors you may have heard about the "undead" walking our streets are completely preposterous and we officially deny them all. If those rumors turn out to be true simply purchase a firearm from the conveniently located Jakobs Brand Vending Machines and aim for the head. Also, would you mind saving our employees? (Non-union only please). There are no refunds for this item.
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But Microsoft apparently doesn't want my money.

Went into the Dashboard, selected Borderlands->Downloads->Zombie Island.

100 points short. Selected "Redeem Code" to enter my points card.

Bleah, too many characters to enter using D-pad. Went to to enter with keyboard. Clicked on "Add".

LONG delay. Error: "Purchases cannot be completed on Xbox LIVE Marketplace on the Web at this time. Please purchase this item using your Xbox console."

Fine. Went back to Dashboard and painstakingly entered the 5,000 digit code.

"This code is not valid for this promotion."

WTF?! Hunted around and couldn't find where they put the Add Points feature, so I attempted to download anyway. Sure enough, was prompted to buy more points, or redeem a code. This time it took.

Now if there's such a big difference between the various "Redeem Code" functions, why don't they differentiate by calling them "Redeem Promo Code" and "Redeem Points Code"? Otherwise, just recognize the damn code, regardless of where it's entered.

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went through this the other day.

You have to 'redeem code' in the marketplace blade.

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