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Herd of Cats vs. the Garage Door

By Blackwalt - Posted on 10 November 2009

And no, that's not a nickname

Another amazing photograph taken by yours truly: (It's a garage door. Work with me.)Another amazing photograph taken by yours truly: (It's a garage door. Work with me.)

So last night on Pandora Graybush, Coxxorz and Blackwalt found a mission that we were all eligible for: Side Mission 65 Smoke Signals: Investigate Old Haven and Mission 66 Smoke Signals: Shut Them Down.

It was difficult. Very. We died a lot. We faced a well armed unit of soldiers who were individually tough, outnumbered us and were backed up by laser guided turrets. Many, many deaths all of which cost us several 100's of thousands of dollars in regenerate fees. Although we did level up, which didn't help as much as you would think.

When we eventually solved the minimum mission requirements we ran screaming back to the Fast Travel Network and teleported back to New Haven.

After a few minutes in New Haven I found Graybush and Coxxorz assaulting a garage door. Which seemed strange even by their standard. What did that garage door ever do to them?

"Why can't we get this machine to work?"

"Ummm.... because it's a Garage door..."

"What? No its not, its a machine."

"no, It's a door."

This argument went on for a while. I will spare you.

Long story short, visually in my Borderlands game world it was a building with a garage door. A vicious garage door mind you but still just a garage door.

In Graybush's and Coxxorz' Borderlands game world it was apparently a fancy vending machine and they really wanted it to work.

Unfortunatly it was my game that they were in and I was the server. If I didn't see the "fancy vending machine" then it wasn't really there. As amusing as it was to see them pummel a garage door I was pretty sure they weren't going to get any weapons out it.

"Oh... that machine! Keep pounding, I am sure it will work soon...."

What Coxxorz and Graybush saw with their rose colored glasses.What Coxxorz and Graybush saw with their rose colored glasses.

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