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It wasn't really that hard

By Blackwalt - Posted on 22 October 2009

Now if only they had it in stock...

Seriously. We just asked. No intimidation. She called to confirm price and Bob's your uncle.

Please note the quantity. Let the bidding war begin.

PS- Coxxorz got one as well. Identical.

HardW00D's picture

screwed on mass effect - check
screwed on arkam asylum - check
this one is mine... will fight to the death

Seriously....who else you gonna want to play you really want to play quietly on line with no swearing and screaming? ... I didn't think so. I have my $40 ready and waiting... :)

MauriceRevek's picture

A bag of cheetos and a pat on the back.

fungster88's picture

from Aku (so he won't blame me) I don't need a second copy, but I think he may miss this again. Yep, again.

Coxxorz's picture

That's a lot of money for a piece of paper. Especially since you'll still have to buy the game! But I'll be nice and give you mine for $20.

fungster88's picture

I didn't know that. I arrived in Canada not too long ago, so I don't know how rain cheque works. Thanks Coxxorz for the information.

Ok, I need to go back to play more Borderlands now. Coxxorz, you want to join. Oh right, you only have a piece of paper. LOL

Swag's picture

Coxxorz only has a piece of paper. What a loser.

Coxxorz's picture

Did Fungster just zing me?

Sorry, I did not know you were from outside Canada. You can hardly tell!

A Troll's picture

How do you tell if someone is from some place other than Canada?

If they are like Stormblade and bitch the whole time about the country where they are, than it is easy to tell.

Akuf's picture
MauriceRevek's picture

One moment while I compose myself. I felt too much patriotic pride from those commercials. Was making me emotional.


You forgot to add the link to William Shatners version of I am Canadian.

"And. I. Don't. Speak. As. If. Every. Word. Was. It's. Own. Sentence!"

MauriceRevek's picture

They never use words like:

Molson Golden
Maple Smoked Bacon
Labatt 50

Akuf's picture


MauriceRevek's picture

Is he a new clan member?

Coxxorz's picture

They look confused and offended when you offer them some Poutine.

Coxxorz's picture

But of course, you have to actually be online and playing with them to hear it.

Akuf's picture

How poutine got it's name

French guy ordered some french fries and asked the guy [in a heavy French accent]
"Yes, I would like to order a french fry but can please poutine some cheese and poutine some gravy"

Akuf's picture

I got mine

Coxxorz's picture

Which store though? Apparently they refused somebody else a raincheck at the same store me & Blackwalt went to, later on this evening. Unbelievable.

Akuf's picture

You guys apparently have a lot more time than I do.
Can you keep me posted as to when you guys go and if there are copies there.


Coxxorz's picture

We just use it more wisely.
And if we saw multiple copies on sale, I guarantee we'll buy enough for everyone (if they let us).

Akuf's picture

the day before, though I did ask the guy at the electronics counter....

Lesson learned!

Coxxorz's picture

You have to keep asking to get what you want!

Dark Nightowl's picture

Or did they not receive any shipments?

Coxxorz's picture

We've heard several places got less than 8 copies, Kanata got 60, Barrhaven zero.

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