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The Coxxorz Lazy Sunday Afternoon Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Bi-Weekly Deal of the Day

By Coxxorz - Posted on 18 October 2009

In an attempt to annoy those of us who have pre-ordered at Rogers Video, Future Shop has announced a special one-time only preorder price for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for an impressive $49.99.

But before you get excited about the prospect of an ongoing price war among the big players, take note of the details. While this price applies to both Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, you only have one day to take advantage of this deal: Monday, October 19th. Combined with the fact that this is a web-only offer, it pretty much negates any possibility to get a price match at another retailer (no Aku, that is not a challenge!).

The limited time aspect also reduces the odds that other stores will follow suit. It's an interesting response by Future Shop, in light of the recent predatory game pricing moves by Wal Mart, but it doesn't go far enough. Hopefully this experiment works out for them and we'll see more deals (even if one-day only specials) in the future.


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So what are we doing about Left for Dead 2? Release date 11/17. Same as Assassin's Creed 2.

Last November was like this. Remember?

I $&%#ing hate November!

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According to their Facebook page, Future Shop will be releasing an addition 300 PS3 copies and 200 Xbox 360 copies of this game at 2:45 p.m. EST. I recommend you get on this NOW.

Coxxorz's picture

160 now!!!

Coxxorz's picture

You guys are gonna be soooo sorry you don't read the site more often!

Down to 49...

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You suck.


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So I wait till shortly after midnight to order CoD:MW2 and surprise, the price is still at 69$. But their FAQ said something about the prices of certain items not reflecting the sale price till you order them so I decide to order the game anyway (especially since there were only 500 "copies" and it was going down fast).

This morning I find that the price of my order is still at 69$ and the sale price is now at 49$. But the real stupid thing is that my order was made at Oct 18 at 21:23 (PST). What the hell? I am supposed to wait till 3am because for some reason this sale starts on the west coast? People were buying them when I was, so was nobody else getting the sale price? What the fuck is going on?

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Read this forum post

Apparently, you can call in and FS CSR will change the order. Just tell them you order Oct 19 accroding to EST!! You are not the only one.

only 500 copies. Damn it.

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They will adjust the price on your order.

The price changeover actually happened at 3am EST, but even people who ordered shortly before were able to get it reduced. The funny thing is the website still showed full price for almost half an hour into the "sale", but it was sold out within about an hour. It was quite amusing to watch people panicking and pushing the button even without seeing the correct price. Late Night Customer Service sure was hopping! Sadly, it never showed the correct price for the PS3 version. So only people who took the leap of faith got a copy.

Swag's picture

But the (potentially) stupid thing is that they said that they wouldn't be able to price match it if there were none in stock, and since they just released some I was fine.

It should have been reduced no matter what since I still ordered it, just at the higher price.

Stupid Future Shop.

Coxxorz's picture

You bought it during the day (Oct. 19) as per their website, so they should have given you the price adjustment regardless of stock level. That was the case last night (this morning) for people who called.

fungster88's picture

and not just "it was so much fun to be a spectator......".

I know that's not your plan(aka trade in GTA IV + GOW2), but you can let other HoC members to bid on that extra copy of yours. It could be fun too watching Aku and Swag try to out bid each others.

Sorry, didn't see your 13:20 post!

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with them right now.

I wish I could intimidate them.

Damn it
Wish I was there face to face with them.

I have never been so pissed about something like this.

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I suggest Swag to call FS customer service, because he submitted an order around Oct 19 12:23am "EST" and FS order system use "12:00 am PST" as the trigger point. So in theory, if he able to order one while there are still 500 copies, the price should be $49.99. From that forum, people able to get the order changed based on the time zone different.

For you, unless you put in an order at regular price between 12:00am and 3:00am EST last night, otherwise, you have no chance of getting it at that price.

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Coxxorz's picture

Cuz Customer Service is on another continent.

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and get more bang for his buck than he ever dreamed of.

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If you didn't order it while it was in stock then you might be out of luck (which is stupid, but at least I ordered it when they had some "copies").

I sent them a email this morning, but I will probably call soon too.

Akuf's picture

They are going to call me back

Akuf's picture

I fell asleep, I made an attempt to wakeup and 11:45 last night to be able to get this at midnight!

I fell asleep!!!
Tried this morning the site will not let me order it. GRRRRRR!!!!

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There is no way around this?????

Coxxorz's picture

Yes, drink coffee.

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You mean Future Shop put a "Limited quantity" restriction on a Pre-order game? Anyone able to order one?

The picture said "Oct 19 only" without "limited supply".

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There were only about 500 copies for each system available. I don't know why they would limit quantities, unless it wasn't a true "pre-order". Normally stores do this so they know how many copies to order. My guess is they're losing money (or making very little), and wanted to limit the damage and use it as a loss leader.

Akuf's picture

What it looks like yes.

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CoD:MW2 has been Coxxorzed (enough at least)!

While it is a risk since it is only a one day thing, with a couple weeks to go before launch, I still think that it's going to be the best deal. I really don't see Wal-mart or anyone else going for the old 38$ route. Not for this game at least.

Guess I am buying this tomorrow.

Coxxorz's picture

If the price drops, you get it for the lower price apparently. And if someone else sells it for less in the meantime, just cancel your order.

If you mean risky in terms of not getting for a few days after launch (a very real possibility), just buy it in-store on launch day for full price, and return your preorder copy to the store with that receipt when it comes in. Coxxorzed!

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Well I guess I was confused because you said that you can't price match at another retailer since it's web-only.

If I get it in-store and return the pre-order copy, do I get that lower price?

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You sure you aren't a blood relative of Q-Bert? I'm making that hand sign of a plane flying over my head. The one you make when someone totally (totally) misses the point.

  1. Pre-order cheap game
  2. buy game full price day one, with full price receipt
  3. open and play full price version
  4. when cheap pre-order version comes in DO NOT open it
  5. return cheap version to store using full price receipt

Don't try claiming you understood this all along and just posted for entertainment (like Moricerevek constantly tries) it's obvious you missed the obvious. Either that or you don't hang around Coxxorz enough to have developed a strong streak of unethical-ness.

Swag's picture

Especially if you are a scam artist.

Coxxorz's picture

However this isn't one of them. You're not ripping anyone off. You're merely bending the rules to compensate for inadequacies in their shipping system.

Coxxorz's picture

It's not unethical to buy two things from the same store and return one.

Buying it from EB Games on launch day and returning your Future Shop web order there would be a bit over the line, on the other hand. Although it's not like they don't deserve it.

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