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Adventures of Akufadumamai

By Akuf - Posted on 15 October 2009


Episode: Being like Coxxorz.

After reading about Serious Sam. I decided to give Coxxorz trick a try.
And I will do it after coming back from the hospital.
Chinup girl came over to come with me to the hospital to offer her support.
We went to the hospital everything is ok (phew).

I said hey, let's go to Best Buy I want to try something. I actually had the Sears ad.
There were only 3 2800 pts cards I wanted to get all 3 but Chinup girl flapped her eyelashes and said I want one of them if you get it on price match. I was like ok grrr...

So I go to the cash with ad in hand and look at the image below yep that is right 2 2800 pts cards for $15.99!

Then chinup girl says let's try this at futureshop because I want one more. I said sure fine.
Off we go. There was only one left and she went to the cash with her bestbuy receipt and the sears ad and she got one card for $13.49!

Then I had a thought about going to Kanata along with her. But she said she didn't want anymore and I thought alright 2 is enough.

The worst part about this whole adventure. Well she said and I quote: "I can't imagine my life without you, I @$#% you."
I was like uh....uh....

Akuf's picture

For this year's HoC Awards. We should have a Coxxorz award for the whoever gets the best deal on whatever.

I think this would be a competitor for sure.

Coxxorz's picture

But do you mean find the deal, or acquire it?

Akuf's picture

or even more
one for Best Deal Find
one for Best Deal Acquired
one for Best Deal Acquired by unethical means.

Blackwalt's picture
Akuf's picture

I told you, you were better at it than I am

Dark Nightowl's picture

The Sears ad is likely a typo. The SKU numbers will reveal that only the 1400 PT card is selling for $19.99 and the 2800 PT card is listed at $39.99
A call to Sears or a check on their web site will confirm the difference in price and that will be used as a reason not to honour the price match policy.

Gotta wonder if the "price match" transactions each day get flagged on the managers computer resulting in a detailed post mortem and orders to stop honouring certain particular ads.

Coxxorz's picture

I think we found you a replacement for sex.

Akuf's picture

This was exhilarating the excitement of screwing over big corps is almost orgasmic...almost.

Though I also have to say that chinup girl has made me end my temporary celibacy but I am going to try again starting tomorrow.

Celibacy is like trying to quit smoking (wait I succeeded with that) oh I know losing weight (wait I succeeded with that too). Let me get back to you on that one.

fungster88's picture

After reading Aku's post this morning, I noticed it is not too late for using the Sears Ad (valid until Oct 15, 2009).

I printed out the Sears Ad, browse the official Sears eflyer, printed out the single item which is much clear.

Skip lunch, drive to Future Shop (South Keys). They have 5 "2800 points card". Brought 2 cards to the cashier. She took a look on the printed out ads and start taking the card out from the security container. She turned to another person standing beside her and asked some question.

Then, she told me she can't honor the Price Match policy due to the Sears ad mean $19.99 for the 1400 points card only. I argue that the ad said "Each".

Whatever, I didn't have to time to wait for them to call Sears, so I left.

Aku, did you flex your muscle at Best Buy to get the deal? Want to meet me at South Keys Future Shop today after work and bring your receipt. Let clean them out for that remaining 5 cards. Swag wants one too. you know.

With Aku's body frame, I expect the second attempt will be different!

Akuf's picture

Here is why

1) was a girl that I talked to first.
2) the guy at the cash looked like he couldn't count to 10 without his hands.
3) perhaps I was an imposing presence.

Ok well I can meet you guys there. But I don't have Chinup girls receipt I have my own from Best Buy.

Give me a time?

Akuf's picture

I had the real Sears ad.
Not printed from the web
Not sure if that would make a difference.

They kept it though.

Swag's picture

Maybe it's not worth trying then. They probably won't take the printed flyer.

Coxxorz's picture

Yes, some will give you a hassle, but it can usually be done. Just tell them it's in the printed flyer as well. They need to call and confirm stock either way, although many places don't bother. That's why I recommend going to a store with "lower quality" sales staff.

Swag's picture

Maybe I'll try Zellers.

Swag's picture

I wanted one..

Coxxorz's picture

Or Wal Mart! Both are generally easy for price matching. But don't bother if you're in a rush and can't see it through.

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