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Turtle Beach introduces the Ear Force XLC

By Blackwalt - Posted on 04 October 2009

Turtle Beach! Far away in time!

I was going to post this eventually but since Swag pressured me here it is now.

Turtle Beach issued a press release on September 28th announcing their Ear Force XLC headset. The Ear Force XLC headset is a lower cost version of the X1 headset. It is wired not wireless and works better plugged into an amplifier but comes in at a substantially lower price than the Turtle Beach X1s, X31s or X41s. MSRP of $29.95 USD.

    “Our goal in creating the Ear Force XLC headset was to provide XBOX gamers a superior playing experience without breaking the bank. Unlike a simple communicator headset that only lets you hear XBOX Live chat in one ear, the XLC lets you hear stereo game audio plus XBOX Live chat so you don’t need external speakers. As an added value, the noise-reducing ear cushions help to block out distractions so you can concentrate on the game.”

It's requirement of an amplifier means it not quite as useful a LAN headset as you would think. It still works without an amplifier but the volume only goes so high. Too bad as the portable design of the swiveling ear cups makes it almost perfect for packing and for traveling.

Hard to argue with the price though particularly as I have a headphone jack within reach. I'm touching it now!

It's an inexpensive Xbox 360 Headset option, priced just a little more that the regular official MS single ear cup Xbox 360 chat headset. Here is the official Ear Force XLC page.

Blackwalt's followup thoughts:

  • Swag, search usedottawa for several used X1s which have a built-in amplifier ($69.99 new).
  • didn't see much cheaper options on eBay
  • The X1s are wired, if you want a wireless option go with the X31s.
  • Do not buy the X3s or X4s anymore. This comes from an X3 owner. And if you own X3s right now DO NOT read the Ear Force X3 vs. X31 Comparison. It just made me cry.
  • If I personally was going to upgrade I would be buying the X41s (ouch at $199) because I love the wireless feature and the surround sound would be an upgrade. I would then retire my X3s into my Lan bag for traveling purpose's only.

Best Buy carries the X1s and X31s. A good Canadian supplier of all the Turtle Beach products is NCIX (X1s at $57.15, X31s at $119.85, X41s at $199.99, the XLCs aren't available yet).

Swag's picture

The sound is playing through the TV and the headphones at the same time. It's more useless than Q-bert at a beauty pageant!

Everything seems to otherwise be ok. I am thinking that it's a setting with my tv, it's only about a year old (from brand new).

I am too lazy to get the exact model, but it's a Samsung 42" HDTV etc...

Anyone have any ideas? Especially those from Bleeker who should have an idea. I am looking into it myself right now..

Swag's picture

Well I found out that you can just mute the tv, da'oh! I thought that it would be more automatic than having to mute the tv all the time, but oh well.

I also had the problem of static noise when plugging in the mic cord, but I found out that this was caused by the magnetic field generated by the 'play and charge kit' that was hooked up to my controller. Removing this solved the problem.

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But you probably just have it connected wrong. Also check your voice settings.

Coxxorz's picture

Why didn't you tell me about this before?!!! All other models are crap! MUST FIND X41 DEAL NOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

Blackwalt's picture

Why didn't you listen to me about this before?!!! All other models are crap! MUST FIND BLACKWALT A X41 DEAL AS WELL NOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

Coxxorz's picture

You probably did, but I was busy ignoring you a the time.

Actually, I'd probably prefer NON-noise cancelling.

Why is there no "lightweight" option, similar to the stock Chat headset, but with stereo sound? If they made an Xbox version of this, I think they'd make a killing.

Swag's picture

but this is the best that I could find (new that is):

Bestdirect at 47.14$ Not sure how good that site is though...

Coxxorz's picture

And I don't think it's in a good way. Will check and report back.

Coxxorz's picture

They're mostly good, but they'll charge your credit card immediately upon ordering, regardless if your item is in stock or not.

Swag's picture

I am confused....i don't really want noise-cancelling either, but I want high quality sound..

Coxxorz's picture

Well unless something better comes along that's 360 compatible, I'm going for the X41's. Just to annoy Blackwalt!

Blackwalt's picture

Free product tester!

Swag's picture

Screw it.

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