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Wall Street Journal – not your best source for video game coverage

By Blackwalt - Posted on 23 September 2009

Okay, sure, IP could stand for almost anything

It may be a simple mistake but I would have thought the Wall Street Journal would have been mistaken the other way around...

    "While we won't be surprised by an offer for THQ, we believe that Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. (TTWO) could be a better take-out candidate," said ThinkEquity's Bagga, adding that Take-Two has a number of strong franchises and a number of wholly owned Internet Protocols. Wholly owned IPs not only carry higher profitability, but also are more valuable to media companies because they could be adapted into movies, TV serials and online destinations.

Here is the original story on the WSJ Online. Still uncorrected.

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They did, after all, have a 30% or so stake in Eidos before they got taken over by Square Enix. They wants the gaming!

And yes, I keep track of game industry news....if I find companies that are going downhill, I need to know.

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Stupid flaky wifi.

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You wouldn't happen to be at Q-Bert's place, would you?

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My wifi is rock so#($^*#%$(*&^*&@)#^$)&#$^)*@^

# #(*&)(*^$#(^$#


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Itès is just located in proximity of his sump pump.

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Irritable Prostitutes?
Inconvenient Paternity?

I got nothing.

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Everyone knows it stands for Innings Pitched. Duh.

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