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COD4 gamers outraged (apparently)

By Blackwalt - Posted on 06 September 2009

The last COD4 patch has caused some controversy

Well, for all the cheaters and hackers anyway. So more details at BLP Gaming but essentially Infinity Ward has stopped gamers from using pistols and single shot rifles as machine guns. Well past time as far as I am concerned. I gave out a cheer when I read that. A loud one that made Guba and Q-Bert stare at me.

Seriously, I was tremendously happy at the news that a USP .45 pistol could no longer out shoot my P90 submachine gun. Something I have had trouble accepting since day one.

However, a bunch of elite gamers are upset:

    After every shot, their is a .5 second time limit before the gun can shoot again. This isn't too slow, but still slow enough. Call of Duty 4 is filled with Elite gamers who can pull the trigger of their XBOX 360 controller at incredible speeds. However, with the new patch, they can no longer shoot as fast as their finger can pull the trigger.

Okay, I can accept that. A number of people may be faster, but I have a hard time accepting all the "petitions" to have Infinity Ward retract the patch. Are there really this many "elite" gamers or have a large percentage of gamers mis-translated "elite" to mean "stinking cheaters and hackers."

I assume that all those (and there are tons of them) "stinking cheaters and hackers" truly believe, in the depths of their small minds, that they are "elite" gamers and that their controller MOD has little to do with their kill ratio.

Infinity Ward just proved them wrong and now they are up in arms about it.

Late Addendum: It came to me the question of "how are firing rates are set for weapons in COD4?" Sub-machine guns, machine guns and assault rifles (in COD4) have their firing rates set by their real world counterparts. Wouldn't it be fair to restrict single shot weapons to the same real world firing rates? I expect that is what the Infinity Ward timing is based on. I expect it is mechanically impossible for pistols and semi-automatic rifles to fire at the same rate as an Xbox 360 controller otherwise John Woo would have already done it somewhere. True, COD4 is only a game but shouldn't single shot weapons follow the same "real world" rules as the other automatic weapons? Regardless, kudos to Infinity Ward

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how will GRAYBUSH's last stand performance be affected???

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This is so awesome, it's not even funny. I salute you, Infinity Ward/Activision.

I doubt they will now be swayed by the cheating whiners (whining cheaters?) if they had the wherewithal to identify the existence of this exploit in the first place. Although as a non-cheater, I wonder if the delay is a bit too long, rendering the pistol useless for Last-Standers. I'm a Martyrdom Whore myself, but I know some legitimate players who will be affected by this. I can only imagine that IW will be watching closely how this experiment unfolds, and make any adjustments as necessary.

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to go. I know this will upset Stormblade, but he will get over it. A shotgun is not going to be able to kill someone at 60 yeards, something that I never got used to in the game.

Hopefully they will carry this train of thought to their next realease.

 By the way, I do know two people who can actually pull the X-BOX trigger faster than it can respond. Pretty amazaing when you count in the fact that they can actually hit what they are aiming at. No scope snipers, etc. Of course they grew up playing X-BOX and probably put in four hours a day even now. What is even stranger is that they are married to each other.

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