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Nokia BH-905, my sweet dream

By Q-Bert - Posted on 15 July 2009

I have been looking for a good pair of Bluetooth headphones for a long time now. I was able to find the Plantronics P590, and they do OK. Nokia just announced my wet dream, the BH-905.

I work in relatively noisy environments, such as machine rooms, and small offices where they pack 6 of us consultants into a space smaller than Blackwalt's office. My P590 headphones protect my sanity somewhat, but the music quality is passable, and they do not offer noise canceling technology. When I purchased the P590, they were pretty much the only Bluetooth headphones at the time. Even at that time, I was looking for an "over the ears", noise-canceling pair. None were available.

Enter the Nokia BH-905, this August.

It has everything I want:

  • Bluetooth support: check

  • Good sound: check

  • Noise cancellation: check

  • Over-the-ear covering: check

  • Soft ear pads: check

  • Microphone for taking phone calls: check

  • Supports regular 3.5mm jack: check

  • Control buttons: check

  • Decent price: ch.... whoa! $500CDN ?!?!? Are they nuts ???

OK, it's got everything I want except the price. Oh well.

MauriceRevek's picture

Print a fake Best Buy price label, put it on the rack. Take your item to the cash. When she tells you the total, act surprised, tell her the rack price is $125. When they do the price check, the cashier will be told the "good" price, and give you an additional $10.

Now this only works if:

  • They do not have video camera surveilance that catches you substituting the price tag
  • Did not have a special the week before and forgot to remove the discount price tag
  • Do not have an overzealous staffer that knows all of the prices by heart and would know that that item was never sold at that price
  • Are not named Q-Bert

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