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Goodbye, so long, farewell...

By Blackwalt - Posted on 22 March 2009

Mourning the loss of a namesake

Walt Poddubny

    Former NHL player Walt Poddubny died Saturday [March 21, 2009], the Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal reported. He was 49.

    The cause of death wasn't known. The newspaper said a person close to the family said Poddubny collapsed at his sister's house, where he was living.

    Drafted 90th overall by Edmonton in 1980, Poddubny played 11 NHL seasons for the Oilers, Toronto, the New York Rangers, Quebec and New Jersey. He had 184 goals and 238 assists in 468 games and topped the 30-goal mark three times.

Updated: Fixed typos and minor correction to dates. I Reveked 2009 with 2008 - thanks to Skippy from London for pointing that out. Also added Saturday's exact date to story.

It was a sad moment for me when I opened the paper this morning and caught the name Poddubny out of the corner of my eye. My scream of dismay had Guba asking what was wrong.

Not all of you have asked where the "walt" in Blackwalt comes from. As I share this loss with you, you learn the true origin of my gamertag, "Blackwalt."

For a hockey player that I knew little of and never met he had a profound effect on mine and my friends' lives. It was a long time ago back in university (1986) when, in desperate need of a name for a polka band (long separate story), Euge dredged up Walt Poddubny and the Warsaw Rhythm Section. This spawned our own legend of the black polka and the story of a renegade polka band that never really performed. That day of infamy six friends became bonded forever: Wags, Euge, Dewey, Ice (yes, our Ice), Blackwalt and Glen. Yes, Glen, what can I say. Members were added, the auxiliary grew, many weekends, newsletters, and a website were born.

Our one attempt to see him play live at the Kitchen Auditorium (pre-season, Toronto vs. New Jersey I think) failed miserably as he ended up being a healthy scratch. Something we always regretted.

So I share my loss with you today and hope that all of you will spare a thought for a journeyman NHL player that had a dramatic and enduring effect on my life. Thank you Walt Poddubny, thank you and oompah.

The Warsaw Rhythm Section only had one song. And this is it:

I had a girlfriend
she is a honey,
she only loved me
when I had money.

When I am busted
she is disgusted,
she goes with Tony
I am so lonely...

Ice's picture

I saw a short tribute to Walt last night on HNIC, very surprised. Cut down in the prime of his life.

Not that many remember the legacy that was the WRS, or really understand why it even existed. It was fun many good times were had. I was thinking more of those friends in the WRS and those we adopted (yes even Stormblade) then Walt himself

I think I'll go listen to me Easy Street Pajama Party mix and have a Rye.

PS Didn't I almost take out half the WRS on the way home from that hockey game?

Walt was supposed to play for the Nordiques that night at KW. They played as well as the WRS could write. His influence was felt everywhere from hockey to music. And yes, Ice almost killed us after the game.

Stormblade's picture

I became an adopted member of the WRS near the end of its active life and therefore got to participate is some of the reverie and insanity, as well as being inducted into the mystic arts of the Black Polka. We even had the Waltville Inquireror, the official WRS newsletter. I still have electronic content from that somewhere ....

Well, I feel for you, old buddy. I know you really adopted this marginal hockey player with the funny name. Have a Rye and Coke for me.

Coxxorz's picture

49 is ridiculously young to just drop like that. I'm reminded of a friend and co-worker who played for the CFL who also died suddenly at around the same age.


Also, that's a very short song. Did you run out of rhymes?

Blackwalt's picture

That Euge kept to himself.

And we filled air time with lots of oompahs!

Ice's picture

If you google

'I had a girlfriend she is a honey she only loved me when i had money'

This article is the top ranked link?

That would make this the definitive source for these lyrics.

Coxxorz's picture

Now that you've written it AGAIN, driving the ranking even higher.

Ice's picture

We'll drive this to be number 1!

Akuf's picture

Just a little diddy
That I never wrote
I farted in the toilet
note by note
Don't worry Be happy!

Ice's picture

I think the oompahs are supposed to rhyme with anything.


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