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Stormblade and Blackwalt play Saints Row 2

By Blackwalt - Posted on 20 March 2009

We need a car, quick grab a 4-door.

Mom?: Is that you? (Not exactly as shown)Mom?: Is that you? (Not exactly as shown)So Saints Row 2 has lots of cars. Fancy ones, limos, trucks, city vehicles and, yes, cars your mom wouldn't be caught in.

So there Stormblade and I were playing Hot Fuzz. Him, I and the cameraman with our police car burning away beside us as we were quelling the Battle of the Century between Pirates and Ninjas with Rocket Launchers (which may or may not explain the smoking police car). I turned around and after one look at the smoking hulk behind (suspiciously) Stormblade came to the immediate conclusion that we needed a new car to chase the Arson spreading students in the TrailBlazing outfits. "Quick get a 4-door."

Now admittedly there weren't a lot of cars around which isn't too surprising after the massive rocket battle we just finished but still... "Got one, get in!" yelled Stormblade.

Blackwalt - "Umm...."

Stormblade - "I know! You see anything else?"

Blackwalt - "Fine, at least it's a 4-door"

Now this somewhat pinto like car was now loaded down with my character, the camera man, Stormblade's somewhat robust character model, and two dead bodies (don't ask, I didn't) Acceleration wasn't its forte. Neither was speed apparently. You wouldn't think a 4 wheeled ATV would be very fast but it sure seemed that way to us. Of course, I was a little worried about being hit from behind, our car being a pinto and all.

To be fair, we did almost catch the ATV just before it turned onto the highway ramp. Ramp, as in uphill. Our somewhat slow progression became snail like. The cameraman got out and walked up to the top of the ramp to wait for us – the two dead bodies were not quite as considerate.

It became a long and involved chase - as exiting as possible at 40 Kmph. Cutting corners, riding over lawns, grabbing any shortcut available but, eventually, futile. An unforgiving clock didn't appreciate the humour of our situation quite as much as we did.

"You failed!" Well yes, epically. EPIC FAIL. One to be proud of. And we were.

Until later in the evening doing Drug Trafficing when we, once again, needed a car.

Stormblade - "Grab a car!"

Blackwalt - "Got one", as I shot down a driver from a distance.

Stormblade - "Be right there."

Blackwalt, as I reached the car (another Pinto), "Nope, absolutely not!"

Stormblade - "Get in the car!"

Blackwalt - "NO!"

Stormblade - "Fine, you find another one."

Two minutes later as I drove up proudly in my new found vehicle...

Stormblade - "How's this better?"

Blackwalt - "It's a K car!"

    If I had a 1,000,000 (If I had a 1,000,000)
    I'd buy you a K-car ( a nice reliant automobile) - Barenaked Ladies
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At one point, we needed a car to race to another location in, so he decided an ambulance was a good choice.

Trust me, my Pinto would have won, and at least it could take a corner.

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The ambulance incident was before the mission started. The clock didn't start until we reached the specific area required. So we could have walked if we had chosen.

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