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Jumping the gun

By Stormblade - Posted on 21 January 2009

I figured I had better post this before the Wiinies and the P(iece of) S(hiat) 3 lovers have another field day.

Really who the flip cares what they buy in Japan?

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you don't care about sales figures at all. Of course if Microsoft suddenly (and magically) started to win the console battle, then we would be seeing some hypocrisy from you.

Why should you care about sales? If sales are poor, people will stop making the games that you love. You don't want that, do you?

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It is the type of game Japanese will buy.

Japanese culture is still very different than North America (US/Canada).

Example: Manga vs Comics. People read both types know there are huge difference, in terms of styles, topics and stories.

As for the top 100 best selling games in Japan, I pretty sure I won't play/buy half of them even if they are available in English and in North America. Ok, I didn't go through the list since it is in Japanese, but I have friends who learn Japanese so that they can play the video games or read manga. They keep telling me how good those Japanese games (mostly RPG) are, but they are just not my cup of tea!

If it is arcade then it is a different story. Since I moved to Canada, arcade is one of the thing I missed the most from oversea.

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This is his first comment since he has joined? Can you blame him? With all of the member bashing that goes on here, it is no wonder he has been hanging on the fringes.

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His second.
Man I don't the hell is going on my head is numb.

Maybe it's the deconditioning ( I know it is not a real word ).
One more day and everything should return to normal.

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Sure there is. Adding the De in front makes it the oposite of conditioning. First coined back in the early CIA days when they were conditioning test subjects to be assassitation plants (i.e. Manchurian Candidates). When the program was discovered and stopped, all of the test subjects had to be deconditioned. Although it could be argued that you would have to use a '-' to separate the 'de' and 'conditioning' or de-conditioning.

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that the last person on Earth that I would want a lecture from on the use of the English language is you.

Just saying.

MauriceRevek's picture

I completly ignore what you would or would not like, and will therefore continue to illuminate you with my boundless knowledge of useless facts.

Such as the toad you have used in your avatar. Did you know that this is a particularly virulent South-Amazonian tree toad which will impart very resistant warts unpon those who touch it?

Unless of course, the selection was deliberate, in which case, I am so happy you are far away in Colorado.

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At least I understand that he does not have a goodly number of women beating down his door from others on this site.

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If you go by what he wrote in his book. They just fall madly in love with him as soon as he speaks. Although, for the life of me, I cannot figure out how that could possibly be. When I first heard him speak, I wanted to go a cram chopsticks in my ears until they burst my ear drums.

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I wanted to go a cram chopsticks in my ears

I know just what a you mean.

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Perhaps it was his opinion or the subject?

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You have only been exposed through the online x-box. You have not had the pleasure of enjoying the full effect of being in the same room as him.

I am still seeing a therapist from my first experience.

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I provide amusement to those that hear me.

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Isn't that the point of this site?

BTW, did your Rock Band: Village People arrive yet?

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Was too busy shoveling my driveway with my new book-on-a-stick shovel. Took a lot longer due to the fact that the book is so small. I guess not all authors can be like Tolkein or Clavel.

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oh snap!

Revek is blowing people out of the water these days. Making all you chumps look like fools.

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if we didn't all know him. It becomes increasingly hard to take it seriously the more you know him.

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Too bad they mostly closed up around town, after becoming a haven for druggies and whores. Good times...

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But they are also throwing in PSP and DS games. So it is not like everything is what I would consider to be a console base game. They are comparing apples to oranges.


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Well, there you have it. Japanese people are pretty much NEVER at home.

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would you want to stay home ever when your house is a box in downtown Tokyo? Hell no. They don't call it the city that never sleeps for nothing.

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