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Morice Revek’s Book Review – HOC Style

By MauriceRevek - Posted on 19 January 2009

As all of you know, our illustrious companion Stormblade has written a fantasy novel: The Emperor’s Opal - From the Journals of Preston Black – Volume 1. Well, I have finally finished the copy which I was able to purchase at a discount (thank God), even though my copy was ruined by somebody writing something in the cover. Now I will never be able to pawn it off for something useful, like a new scooper for my cats litter box. Maybe if I punch a bunch of holes through the cover of the book, it will make a suitable substitute.

All joking aside, the book is actually quite entertaining, and, for a first time novelist, well written. I am looking forward to the next instalment, should he ever decide to do one and if we have not traumatised him too much from our abuse.""

Without giving away too many spoilers, we find out very quickly that this novel is a pure work of fantasy. The hero, Preston, is described as “a tall six three, with a stocky build and hair blond enough that most brunettes would have put a contract out on me if I had been female.”

Right. Okay. I guess we can allow for some artistic liberties. I’m sure we have all wanted to be the “star of the show” at some point or another. Although, when I spoke to Stormblade about it, he indicated the character was loosely based on Blackwalt. Or at least his personality.

But then, the co-star and love interest of the novel, one very beautiful red head, later admits that she had fallen madly in love with Preston the moment they met.

Yup. Fiction.

Again, further into the novel, we encounter another pure moment of fiction. Preston, needing to check on some communications, powers up his Mac to check his e-mail. His… Mac…

Yup, more fiction.

But of course, these are mere trivialities in the grand scheme if things. The story itself is well imagined, structured and told. There is one departure from common lore where Stormblade has decided to go in a different direction, is that Magic in his realm can co-exist and function quite well with modern day technology. It does make things easier when your main characters are spending a considerable amount of time flying in jets flying back and forth accross the pond. I guess it would not do if the first flight they get on crashes into the ocean because magic suddenly shut all of the electronics off.

The battles with the various creatures from the dark are also quite amusing. Take this encounter between a runt minotaur and Preston as an example.

"I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I only had a moment to react to the presence of rather large, nasty looking creature emerging from the shadows in front of us and bearing down on us rather quickly.

Tammy was still enthralled by her magical search and she wasn’t in a position to help, so I did the only thing I could think of at that moment. I charged at the beast as fast as I could and rant into it with my shoulder.

My act of bravado took the creature completely off guard. This was a good thing because it easily weighed twice as much as me and it had rippling muscles underneath thick, hairy skin. I drove my shoulder right into its chest, causing it to let out a blast of air as it rumbled backwards.

It hit the ground hard and bellowed with rage. I moved to my right to get away from Tammy. I stood in a crouched position and waited for the beast to get up. It did so in a flash and it turned to face me. I took a good look at in the light that still emanated from Tammy’s hand. It wasn’t very tall, about a head shorter than me, but it had a huge chest and a massive, bull-like head. I grinned evilly and charged at me with fists raised."

What? I grinned evilly and charged at me with fists raised? How could I charge myself? Unleeeesss. REVEK!!

Should read IT grinned evilly and charged at me with fists raised.

But wait, lets examine more closely the beginning of this passage: I only had a moment to react to the presence of rather large, nasty looking creature…


Should read: I only had a moment to react to the presence of A rather large, nasty looking creature…

And again: I took a good look at in the light that still emanated…


Should read: I took a good look at IT in the light that still emanated…

Ah Stormblade. Aren’t you glad you have shown me it is a good think to show the error’s in won’s righting? That typo’s and spelling miss takes should be indicated and harped upon?

In fact, since we now have a Revek award for… well I don’t think I need to go into any details as to what the award is for, but I would think that we should also have an award for these type of mistakes when they have been found in print, such as published novels and articles, by any of our members. We could call it, oh I don’t know, maybe a Blorm.

And so, my dear Stormblade, my amigo, mi compadre, you have been Blormed.

Oh, and I give the novel 4 our of 5 paws.

When is volume two coming out?

Coxxorz's picture

Thanks to the Revek Notes, now I don't have to read the whole thing!

Stormblade's picture

Typos aren't Reveks. The term 'Revek' is directly related to the composer writing something the built-in spell checker has to pick up. These errors, obvious by the red squiggles underneath the word, go unnoticed or ignored by the writer.

Of that, you are the master.

PS. Newer versions of the book have many of the typos fixed. I have discovered that when you write a 200,000 word book, it's hard to get rid of all the typos, even with two very talented editors.

A Troll's picture

They must be using MACs and that is why it takes them so long to find all the misspelled words!

 I will be ordering my copy from Amazon soon.  Your web site still sucks in that it still cannot get e-mail to my Yahoo account.

Akuf's picture

I would have one and I would have finished it by now.
I also, would have got stormblade to autograph it and then arrange an accident to raise the value. However, nobody told me any HoC plan during the holidays to get together (I understand I am an overwhelming presence) so I could actually get a copy.


Stormblade's picture

I did feel badly that you weren't able to get a copy, since you had expressed interest. I will be moving back in April, so I can get you a signed one then.

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