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By MauriceRevek - Posted on 04 December 2008

And no, I am not talking about Stormblades new book. Although, I too would like a copy. Gotta encourage them Canadian authors, even though they live in the states.

No, I am Flabbergasted, Astonished, Stunned, Dumbfounded, Thunderstruck, Bowled over, Bewildered, Dazed, I'd go on, but I have run out of synonyms, over this article about a new prescription hand gun. Yes, you read that right, a prescription hand gun for the elderly and the disabled. Not only is it a prescription hand gun, but it will be covered by medicare. The govement will provide hand guns to disabled and elderly people through medicare.

Reminds me of an old French joke I heard on the radio or some stand up comic:

"J'ai essayé de payer pour mon micro-onde avec ma carte d'assurance maladie. J'y ai dit que j'étais malade pour en avoir un."

Which loosely transaltes to: I tried to pay for my micro-wave oven with my medicare card because I was sick for one. It does not translate as well into English, but you get the gist of it.

How could this possibly be covered by medicare? This is not something that will improve the health of a person. That they developped a hand gun that is easier to use by the elderly and disabled, fine. I can understand that. But to have it paid for by medicare? Whats next? Kindergarten .22's? This is tantamount to saying that the goverment will now provide for free hand guns to anybody who wants one. I can just see it now, gun lobyists are going to sue the goverment for discrimination. If the elderly and disabled get free guns, then so should anybody who wants one. I wonder, will they also have a monthly allowance for bullets?

Please explain to me.

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