You are hereSynopsis: OXM's review of Left 4 Dead

Synopsis: OXM's review of Left 4 Dead

By UndeadWalt - Posted on 17 November 2008

All killer, No Filler

The Official Xbox Magazine reviewed Left 4 Dead with a score of 9.5/10.

Writing up a positive experience with the following tidbits:

  • Valve has turned it into a minimalist masterpiece
  • less is morbid
  • simple ingredients, perfectly prepared
  • compelling co-op gameplay, delicious brains
  • Valve has cut the bloated survival-horror genre down to the bone

OXM talked about the simplified game play but summed up concerns with:

      " might be tempted to shrug off Left 4 Dead as too simple - "I get it, zombies." But like the similarly "basic" Counter-Strike or Halo multiplayer, the strategies start to unfold... ...The more you play, the deeper the experience gets..."

I personally have played through the Demo three times and found it a different experience each time. Even without the option of changing the difficulty level.

If you don't think you'll enjoy the "extremely intense action and zombie killin' chaos" then don't bother picking up a copy and leave the zombie killing to those of us that crave an intense cooperative experience. More zombie killing for us!

Seriously, if you aren't interested don't worry about. But... but... and I say again, but... this Friday's LAN at MoriceRevek's is all about Left 4 Dead so if you don't want to buy it, and plan on attending, make sure to rent it.

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