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Why on earth would you launch a game on a friday?

By Blackwalt - Posted on 07 November 2008

Dear Microsoft:

U suck. Well, no not really. You do but that's not the point I am trying to make here.

I suspect that there is a reason most games launch on a Tuesday and not a Friday. I don't don't know what it is but I am sure it's there.

But you Microsoft? And you Epic Games? Hello? You do know that people order online don't you? And that online purchases are dependent on shipping? Even FedEx takes a day by the way. If shipping delays cause you to miss a day for a Tuesday release its not a big deal. Everyone has their copy by Wednesday (or at least Thursday) and you are winning Live big on the following weekend. But you shipped Friday. Shipping delays will cost you a weekend. A weekend that you won't be winning on Live. And next weekend? Sorry. COD5 anyone? That's winning next weekend. This weekend was yours to win and you gave it up. By launching on a Friday.

I know am not alone in ordering my copy of Gears of War 2 online. I know this. A large percentage of gamers now buy online and most of them won't be seeing their copies until Monday at the earliest. Now I knew going in that my pre-order deal was going to make me miss launch day. And I am okay with that. I understood this and came to terms with it in advance. The lure of a 36" lancer was too good to turn down. Really, I am okay with it.


I suspect that this segment of gamers is keeping your total number of Live gamers down substantially. 10%. 15%. Probably not as high as 20% but not far off. I am too lazy to look things up so I am going with 17.3% as my most accurate Wild Assed Guess. These missing gamers will create lower online Live numbers for not one, not two, but three whole days. Remember this when the Live numbers are published and COD5, Left4Dead and others can brag record numbers on their launch weekends.

When Epic and Microsoft wonder why they missed the high numbers on their launch weekend they might realize that there is a reason all games launch on a Tuesday. It works. And it's proven.

Bad marketing? An attempt (failed) to be different? Did you think you were a movie?

Some news for you, if an "A" class movie launches on a Friday it still wins its weekend, that's how it works for movies.. DVD's don't launch on Friday's by the way. DVD's win their weekend sales by launching on a Tuesday. You saw that coming didn't you?

So Microsoft, Epic go back to Tuesday. There is a reason most games launch on a Tuesday. I don't don't know what it is but I am sure it's there.

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Microsoft does suck. It's funny seeing anyone on here saying otherwise...

Yeah I have an Xbox 360 now, so what. Microsoft still sucks (especially their hardware).

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Glad to see you read past the first 6 words.

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You lost me again.

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I will try to use words of only one syllable in my next editorial.


The Battlefield 1 expansion In the Name of the Tsar is available free for three more days. I think I now have two free expansions for a game I don't own. Maybe if I hit all the expansions I will pick up the game itself!


Great, your heart graph is giving me a heart attack. Thanks.


Good to know that someone cares

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