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Heroes: I Am Become Death

By Q-Bert - Posted on 08 October 2008

Well, I guess last week was too much for the writers...

Last week had it all, and this week has none of it.

The first thing they did was scrap all of season 2's future world, without explaining why. There were no indications last season's future world of wide-spread powers. Also, in a world where everyone has powers, and anyone can create a earthquake on Australia, it makes no sense to focus on the "originals" to kill them. Yet we asked to believe that future Peter is the same as future Peter of last season.

If the whole season is centered around retrieving a formula and then suddenly everything comes back to normal, I will be severely disappointed.

The whole scene at Gabriel's house was lame. Made no sense. I know where the writers were heading with this, but the fight itself makes no sense. I didn't mind Peter getting Sylar's ability, because that makes sense, but having Gabriel letting himself be punched by Knox is idiotic and only serves to off a child.

Now, if we are to believe that the future is the same as last season's future, remember that Nathan was dead and Sylar was impersonating Nathan. Not the same in this version.

Mohinder, ugh.

Maya, double ugh.

If the writers had just stayed with the flip between evil and good, it would have been a good season, but this whole thing about the formula and "Natives" and "Engineered" powers..... blah. The next episodes better rock my socks off.

Coxxorz's picture

I had a feeling the only way they could go from last week was down. Let's hope that at least every other episode is awesome, but I wouldn't bet on it.

I'm not convinced that Mohinder is turning into an animal just because he has scales. It doesn't make sense that the heroes' abilities fall into categories like strength, speed, flight, and "lizard". Unless the point is to show that his artificial endowment (and by his admission "I got it wrong") is just an abomination, and not the cause of the future spread of powers to the masses.

I did enjoy the scene where the businessmen shake hands and fly away though.

+1 about stupid Gabriel letting himself get punched. A lame means to an end (kaboom).

Noir's picture

This episode was not so great.

Well, first off, I correctly called that Mohinder would be a reptile. I hope, at the very least, he can spit acid. I also wonder what he did to that wife beating douchebag, maybe ate him?

In my last episodes post I also mentioned that this time travel nonsense is getting quite out of hand. Well I seem to be correct on that point to. Quite out of hand indeed!

This Mohinder is giving scientists a bad rap. And Maya, … oh eye candy Maya, what an idiot.

What next …. Ah yes, yet another miscalculation I will call it on the writers part in making Speed Girl not being about to out run an explosion. From all past indications she can Obviously run faster then the speed of light. This means she would have either a) not started running in time, therefore being vaporized, or b) started running and EASILY would have outrun the force of the blast (speed of sound) and also the radiation (speed of light). So her dying in that situation was retarded.

On to the next point. I am totally for the killing off of children in any tv series. Not sure how Sylar even got punched by Knox (so his name is). Also, Sylar would still be alive since he has Claire’s ability.

Knox has the lamest power to date. Feeds off fear ???

Finally, yay for Adams return. I like Adam. I think he’ll do great things.

PS. If Peter/Sylar where to get the Haitians power. Which power would supersede which if both where being used on one another (Haitian and Peter/Sylar in the same room). Seems to be an area of effect power.

Coxxorz's picture

Not outrunning the blast = weak.

Future Peter not healing from a gunshot that killed him = weak.

Sylar/Gabriel getting punched = weak

Adam returns = awesome, unless his blood is the key to the formula or some shit.

The Haitian is an odd one, because he actually has two abilities that don't seem to be related. Assuming he can block others while digging around someone's memories, that means he's probably immune from being blocked.

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There hasn't been any Elle in a couple episodes either :'(

Coxxorz's picture

But the speedster will do for now.

Hiro: "Nemeshis!"

Girl: "Stop calling me that!"

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... Coxxorz and Noir their own thread or something so the rest of us don't have to wade through this crap??

Coxxorz's picture

How about I start crapping on your threads?

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For these Heros reviews, we would have to close the site for lack of content.

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Because of these reviews, we may have to close the site for lack of content.

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Like the world needs another one of those.

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