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Heroes: One of Us, One of Them

By Q-Bert - Posted on 01 October 2008

This one was almost hit out of the park...

Not much negative to say about the plot and writing on this one.

I will say this: if you are 2 people in a container and you are thinning the air by consuming it with fire, expect way more smoke. Also expect to have both people having problems breathing, not just the teen...

Apart from that particular stupidity, the episode itself was near perfect. Sylar is balanced and makes sense; Parkman seems to be more important than thought; the Bitch is becoming more of what she already was; the Peters will go on a road-trip; the part with Hiro was funny; AND NO MOHINDER.

Let's hope the writers are on a roll.

Coxxorz's picture

I'm even more farther behinderer than you, so I'll keep it brief.

Best episode so far! Tons of humour, a whole new potential timeline, new improved Sylar & Jessica, badguys becoming goodguys, and vice versa.

Although taking your dad's ENTIRE box of secret files instead of sneaking just a couple is retarded.

Noir's picture

I also liked this episode, which I just saw last night. Yes I know I am a week behind, but I'll be watching the latest episode tonight.

I MUST disagree with your First point about the fire and container. Because her flame power is magical and just happens if would not produce smoke. Since it is not consuming material. Both would be having breathing problems though, I agree.

I'll have to comment on the wee fact that all this time travel stuff is starting to annoy me. Pasts are being changed ... all the stuff that cracked out painty boy is potentially all useless. I am not a fan.

Oh and I loved how Magneto used his ability to move the Safe wheel. Because using ones hand is just too primitive. He should have simply ripped the whole safe door off like a man.

Last but not least, no Mohinder! Thank god. He is good a narrating I'll give him that. Tracy/Nick/Jessica arc is finally gaining some steam, looks interesting.

That is all

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