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Red Alert 3: Dance, dance, remix.

By Blackwalt - Posted on 19 September 2008

I try not to post too many videos myself but...

George Takai doing "All Your Base Are Belong To Us." Seriously, you can't beat that.

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...I actually hugged her in Vegas. Tried my usual tactics but her rather large entourage basically 'told' me to go away. Frack...sigh...

This has also happened with Jenna Jameson, Raquel Darrian, Tara Patrick, Carmen Elektra.

Vegas suck :(

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Not a bad attempt at viral marketing. Microsoft should watch this.

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Maybe it is a good thing you don't post many videos. Speaking of that, how do you post a video? I have one for the best beer commercial in the World.

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  • Most videos have a share feature which will provide you with the html code to embed the video.
  • Copy that text in to your story and/or blog.
  • Under your story, blog, comment there is a sub-menu called Input format. Make sure this is set at Full HTML otherwise it will not work.
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Seems you wouldn't have time to post this tutorial otherwise.

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But I posted the comment in the quiet, boring, waiting time before the results were known.

A great relief to many.

However, despite this, don't expect me on live until late this evening as I am still at work and will be for a while...

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I can pass on the Administrator thing? I can't handle the pressure!!

BTW: We should make Graybush and JDM... members of the site since they've sort of migrated to the clan and they actually show up on gaming nights.

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you're out.

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