You are hereRainbow Six Siege had an awesome zombie survival mode

Rainbow Six Siege had an awesome zombie survival mode

By Blackwalt - Posted on 25 August 2018

And we missed it!

Zombie-ish technically and it lasted for one month only and disappeared six months ago.

I only mention it as rumours are swirling that it may come back. Hopefully permanently.

    Operation Chimera, which launched earlier this week, is the start of the new season for Rainbow Six: Siege. The biggest addition is Outbreak, a three player co-op game mode where operators fight against an army of grotesque infected enemies. It is a mode that focuses first and foremost on teamwork. More details available from Kotaku

This looks like the closest we will see to Extinction for a while so I hope it comes back.

From Ubisoft:

    Rainbow Six Siege - Outbreak and Operation Chimera Out Now - by Chris Watters / March 06, 2018

    Two new Operators and an entirely new game mode are now available in Rainbow Six Siege on all platforms. The Operators, Finka and Lion, bring new gadgets with the power to affect their allies and enemies no matter where they are on the map. These abilities are set to shake things up in competitive multiplayer, but they can also be used to great effect in Outbreak. In this limited-time co-op event, teams of up to three players face off against hordes of deadly enemies mutated by an alien parasite in order to discover the truth behind the infestation. Check out the first video to see Finka and Lion's gadgets in action, and move on to the second for some Outbreak starter tips.

    The Operation Chimera Operators are available now for Year 3 Season Pass holders, and in seven days, they will become available for purchase in-game using Renown or R6 Credits. Outbreak is available for free to all Siege owners from March 6 to April 3.

    This marks the beginning of Year 3 for Rainbow Six Siege, a year which will bring more new Operators, maps, and game updates. Going forward, players who own or purchase the Standard, Advanced, Gold, or Complete editions of the game will no longer have to pay Renown to unlock attachments or any of the original 20 Operators. Additionally, players who purchase the PC-only Starter Edition will get more Operators unlocked from the get-go, with a total of six Operators (randomly unlocked from a selection of 10) instead of four.

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