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NBSR Conductor recognized for saving a life

By Coxxorz - Posted on 03 June 2008

Found this old story (while looking for something completely unrelated, as always), but it still brings a tear to my eye. From the Railway Association of Canada's website:

"Last week, at Operation Lifesaver’s annual safety conference, national and international delegates learned of an outstanding act of heroism. The round-up of the 2005 Rail Safety Week activities included details on the New Brunswick Operation Lifesaver Committee’s presentation of a Certificate to New Brunswick Southern Railway Conductor Ron Short.

In the fall of 2004, Mr. Short had climbed out onto the knuckle of a moving caboose to save a teen walking toward the train with his head down. The youth was wearing a radio headset and didn't hear the train or its warning horn signals. Mr. Short kicked the boy in the chest, driving him off the track just before he would have been struck by the train. He was a little bruised and scraped but not badly hurt. Without Mr. Short's intervention, the boy would certainly have been seriously injured or killed."


And to think the world might have lost another baggy-ass hoodie-wearing suicidal anti-social teen. Not to detract from Mr. Short's heroic act, but I would have aimed a bit higher...

Stormblade's picture

That's when you wish trains still had cow plows.

This one would do.

Coxxorz's picture

That's what we need. Although why spend millions on retro-fitting all those trains, when this is actually a self-rectifying situation? Cows damage trains, teens don't. Thank you Darwin!

HardW00D's picture

i haven't actually "Laughed Out Loud" at a post in while - this did it for me... picturing him getting a boot to the head ... and Coxxorz was the conductor...

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