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IKEA instructions for Game of Thrones Night Watch cloaks

By Blackwalt - Posted on 17 August 2017

Official instructions!

Once the Game of Thrones costume designers let leak that they had used IKEA carpets for the Night Watch cloaks it was only a matter of time before IKEA noticed. IKEA Norway was first, releasing the above IKEA instructions for makiing your own Game of Thrones Night Watch cloak. Just like Jon Snow wears on the show.

You can read more details at the Daily Mail.

They have the IKEA name listed as Vinter which doesn't exist on the site. I did find two alternatives which match in different ways.

Skold and Rens

    RENS: Matching the image (and closer to the price) from the Daily Mail story is the RENS sheepskin which is only available in white. But the GoT designers did say they dyed the carpets.

    At $39.99 CAD is a reasonable budget for a casual Game of Thrones fan and looks to fit around the shoulders much like in the TV show.

    SKOLD: But if you really want to be warm IKEA also has the much larger SKOLD sheepskin which is twice the size of the RENS.

    Coming in at a whooping $249.00 CAD this option would only be for the serious Game of Thrones fan. It does have the advantage of coming in brown which is closer to the GoT cape colours. You might even get away without dying it.

I haven't really watched Game of Thrones but it is nice to know that if an HoC member ever hosts a GoT theme night it will only take a quick trip to IKEA for me to be ready.

Although at $249.99 I think Coxxorz and I need to start paying more attention in the AS-IS section.

Coxxorz's picture

As in "Vinter is coming."

Also, the subtitle implies "shoulder warmer".

Either way, it's awesome that Ikea posted this.

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