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HoC Twitch Experiment: Black Ops III kind of a fail

By Blackwalt - Posted on 21 July 2017

It turns out there may have been a reason.

Two out of four HoC members would not join the Party Chat stream. One refused and one didn't want to figure it out (too busy killing zombies). The third connected before I even finished asking. So SeanMCR and I chatted to the world (and sometimes empty air when chatting with the other two).

We streamed for just over eighteen minutes. I eventually noticed that the zombies were very jumpy and I was having more trouble than usual shooting them. It was after SeanMCR mentioned that my character was jumpy and laggy as I moved around that I realized the streaming wasn't working properly.

I eventually stopped the stream and got down to what really mattered. Killing zombies.

Afterwards while chatting with Guba about how jumpy it was and that we had to stop streaming she mentions that she had opened a VPN connection to her office during the stream. So... my connection can handle gaming and streaming but it can not handle gaming, streaming, and a VPN connection.

So the Streaming Success report so far:

  • Gears of war 4. Yes.
  • Black Ops III Zombie Mode. No (maybe).

Here is hoping for FORTNITE.

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But I have very strict personal rules about what goes on any form of social media, and this doesn't fall within them.

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