You are hereCoxxorz finally gets what's coming to him!

Coxxorz finally gets what's coming to him!

By Blackwalt - Posted on 13 June 2017

His 50th Birthday Present!

A while ago we realized there was a momentous occasion that needed to be celebrated. Coxxorz' 50th birthday which we charmingly titled You can't make me celebrate my 50th!

This turned out to be more accurate than expected. Eventually the attempt to Herd Cats was abandoned and Blackwalt and Coxxorz scheduled a weekday coop day to celebrate more privately. Being properly motivated (by Guba) to get Cozzorz' gift out of the basement may have helped. It was a big box, two feet by two feet by two feet. Big.

Everyone from HoC knows that Collector's Editions are like catnip to Coxxorz. That's why for his 50 Birthday it had to be something special. Hoc succeeded.

Slowly through out the coop day he worked his way through his gifts (a hat, a flashlight, a stick, a book) eventually culminating with the giant box and the Titanfall Collector's Edition. We have previously covered the size of this Collector's Edition.

Coxxorz was wowed by the fact that we had found a copy of this in demand, 2014, release. He immediately set it up and began playing with it.

And yes, there is video...

And here is an image of just the Titan statue itself.

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