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Assassin's Creed!!

By Stormblade - Posted on 02 November 2016

So, the Assassin's Creed Ezio Collection is being released soon (Nov 15) on XBox One and that other thing from Sony. It will be remastered for next-gen consoles (i.e. pretty). It will include all single-player content from AC II, AC: Brotherhood and AC: Revelations, but none of the multiplayer. It will be CAD $80. Gulp.

And I will buy it. Why? Because Ubisoft has me addicted and they have refused to feed my fix with a new title this year. Were they right to do that? Probably. I admit AC has suffered from a creative rut. That doesn't mean I am handling it well.

No, it doesn't make sense. I have a stable of games already that I either haven't finished or haven't even started playing. AC II, which is part of the release, is already available through backward compatibility (and I have already played it all the way through ... again). Still, I know I won't be able to stop myself and I know I will play all of them all the way through ... again.

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Does that mean the code was so badly broken on the last gen that it's not worth fixing, or that programming tools for multiplayer on the new gen is too much of a hassle? Or maybe they are just lazy pricks.

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I think it's more because there is not as much interest in the multiplayer side as there is in the single player story. While we did have fun that one time we did AC multiplayer together, I don't think it really took off like other games did. That and there might have been expectations that those with the older copies of the games would be able to play with the re-mastered editions, which might not have been technically possible without one side having more of an advantage.

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