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Stormblade's 5 most anticipated games - No. 5

By Stormblade - Posted on 01 October 2015

There are a bunch of games coming out for the Xbox One over the next few months that will hopefully rid us of the drama of the last couple of weeks. It will be nice to finally have games available to us that we can play together and that don't suck. I'm really hopeful on the ‘don't suck’ part.

I decided to make a list of the games that I am most anticipating so that everyone else knows where I stand. I hope some of these games will also appeal to other clan members, but these are games I will play anyway no matter what the rest of you do.

Without further ado, on to number 5:

No. 5 - Overlord: Fellowship of Evil

This game should not be on this list.


Not because it doesn’t deserve to be. Not because I am not really looking forward to it. No, it’s because it was supposed to have been released yesterday!

I logged into yesterday in order to purchase it. Getting around on that site is cumbersome, but I finally got to the Overlord page. I was dismayed to find the release date, which had been September 30, was now October 20.


Oh well, the immediate result of this was to push another game to my Honourable Mentions article, which will be the last in this series. I’m sure the developer of that game will be devastated.

Why am I anticipating it?

The first two Overlord games where amongst my all-time favourites on the Xbox 360. They were a very humorous take on playing a bad guy in a video game. Essentially you were resurrected as a leader of evil who could assemble an army of minions and eventually take over the world.

There were four types of minions that each had different abilities and your character would send them out to complete tasks based on those abilities. Unfortunately they weren't very bright. It was easy enough to send them out to complete a task that was better suited to another type of minion, and sometimes they would just die happily trying to complete your task.

Minions. Not as cute, but just as stupid.Minions. Not as cute, but just as stupid.

The controls were clunky and often frustrating, but the overall game experience was a lot of fun. Overlord II had a multiplayer mode, but it didn't work very well. Blackwalt and I have a great deal of difficulty trying to make it playable.

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil is designed to be primarily a multiplayer game. There are up to four evil leaders who can work together to take over the world. Because of this, the game doesn't have the same sort of single-person view that the previous games had. I'm not sure that I particularly like the view I have seen in screenshots, but I’m prepared to give it a try.


I don't expect this game to be a clan favourite, but I will pick it up anyway. I enjoyed the previous two enough to anticipate this release. Hopefully it won't suck.

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Can I guess the other 4 games?

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The only suspense will be why I chose these games.

As if anyone cares anyway.

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