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What are you doing reading this?

By Blackwalt - Posted on 19 September 2015

Shouldn't you all be in Graybush's basement by now?

After flooding the site with PSAs all week you think you could have remembered! Load your car up and get moving.

Despite the wording of the title Graybush would appreciate if you waited until 1:30 PM beofre banging on his door.

Text of the original invite:

    Blackwalt 50th LAN Party

      No, not his 50th LAN party, although it's probably close. His 50th birthday! (celebratory LAN party).

      And yes, his actual birthday was technically over a month ago. A minor detail! Not everyone was able to attend the out-of-town event though, so this is kind of a make-up deal for those who missed it. Except Graybush, who DID make it to the out-of-town event, and is being rewarded by hosting this one. Thanks Graybush! And Stormblade, who is being rewarded by, well, read on...

      The goal: Co-op mayhem, HoC style.

      The game: Grand Theft Auto V - for Xbox 360

      Backup: bring Burnout Paradise if you have it.

      The Date: Saturday, September 19th

      The Place: Kanata (not Leitrim or Barrhaven)

      The Time: 1:30 pm (til whenever)

      IMPORTANT notes about the game:

      • GTAV for 360 is currently on sale for $30 until the 17th: Best Buy Link.
      • Install the "install" disc on your HD, but not the game disc. Use a memory stick for that if you insist.
      • Install the update, and ALL 13 compatibility/addon packs (free).
      • Play the prologue to unlock Online play, then the online introduction missions. Total 1 hour tops, unless you suck at games.
      • Failure to do these things will result in ridicule & shame, which we are trying to save for Blackwalt.

      I believe we are okay for networking equipment, but it would be great if you could all RSVP just to be safe.

      -pwn call

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