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HoC experiences Dying Light: so close to multiplayer

By Blackwalt - Posted on 28 August 2015

In typical Herd of Cats style

    I told Coxxorz about this in an Email and he sent back good story so...

Last night I went online and found Stormblade playing Dying Light. The full version. After some learning experiences we figured out how to get into the same game. Shortly after we got into this game SeanMCR came online.

He saw we were playing Dying Light and assumed we were in the demo. He launched the Dying Light demo and asked us to invite him.


We fessed up and told him we were in the full version. There may have been some rage. Which was exactly when Graybush came online.

When Graybush found out what was going on with Dying Light he may have chuckled.

    SeanMCR: "Graybush, are you planning on buying Dying Light?"

    Graybush: "Well, I already have a copy..."

    DethCon5: "Hey!" (from the background)

    Graybush: "...I may already have access to a copy."

    Blackwalt: "Load it up and join us. SeanMCR can play the demo"

    Laughter from Stormblade and Graybush. Rage from somewhere else.

    Graybush: "So you would leave SeanMCR playing with himself?"

    Laughter from Stormblade and Blackwalt. Rage from a very clear source.

We waited as SeanMCR went into the Xbox Store and listened as he purchased Dying Light and complained about it going into his download queue behind the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Beta.

Download queue.

With Ft. McMurray internet...



    "Extinction Exodus anyone?"

And this time we finished it...

There was a bonus as we hadn't realized that Stormblade had never finished Exodus:

Kudos to him. Particularly in light of the last two nights miserable failures. Graybush, Blackwalt, and SeanMCR couldn't complete Exodus two nights previous and Graybush, Blackwalt, and Coxxorz couldn't complete Exodus the night before.

Playing Extinction Exodus. A typical Herd of Cats solution to a typical Herd of Cats problem.

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