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The Story of Zombie Army Trilogy

By Blackwalt - Posted on 24 January 2015

I do so have a plan! It's random!

It is possible that I may have mocked the writing behind Zombie Army Trilogy. To be fair, this style of game does not require much of a plot or story. I only posted a single paragraph the last time. Here are all three paragraphs of the story in their entirety.


    Berlin, 1945. In a final desperate act, Hitler has activated a secret plan that has raised all of his fallen troops as zombies and unleashed them on a war-torn Europe. Now the undead horde grows larger night by night and all hope for the world seems lost.

    Four unlikely companions from all sides in the war band together. First just fighting to survive, they soon discover that only they can dare to discover how Hitler’s Plan Z was executed and maybe put an end to the nightmare.

    Every step of their journey must be paid for in blood and the heroes work together against impossible odds. From the zombie-filled streets and tunnels of Berlin, to the outlying villages and forests of Germany, they take on the Nazi Zombie Army.

Via the Zombie Army Trilogy manual which appeared online (I am posting in dribs and drabs to milk it for content).

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