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Xbox Live taken down by DDOS attack

By Blackwalt - Posted on 01 December 2014

A lounge of lizards have taken down Xbox Live

Technically a group called Lizard Squad but if they had bothered to look into it they would have discovered that a group (or herd) of lizards is called a lounge. So there.

From Attack of the Fanboy:

    The Lizard Squad taking down Xbox Live was a “Christmas Present” to Microsoft the group said. They threatened this is just preparation for more things to come during the lead up to Christmas.

And for people that support this group of hacktivists, good on you, they have stuck it to the evil corporation Microsoft.

However, speaking for millions of paying Xbox Live members I would just like to play Destiny on my Xbox so could you stop. And don't ruin my Christmas either, I've asked Santa for new video games.

To be more clear, Microsoft aren't the ones being punished here, the millions of gamers you are keeping off Live are.

PS- The only reason I am writing this story is because I can't get on live!

Coxxorz's picture

And here I am with a Weekly Strike bounty to do in Destiny, and for once I'm online early enough to force- er, request Blackwalt to help me with it...

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