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R.I.P. Dad

By Stormblade - Posted on 26 November 2014

I know we're not big on serious stuff there, but a bunch of you knew my father so I thought you should know he passed away on Saturday afternoon at the Veteran's hospital in St. Anne de Bellevue.

My father always rooted for the underdog and was a champion of lost causes. Thus, he was a member of the Communist Party at a young age; he was an early member of the CCF/NDP; he was a champion (if perhaps misguided) of English rights following the election of the PQ; and he was a Leafs fan. In other words, he was a sucker for punishment, but he always took it with a smile on his face.

The only gaming anecdote I can think of came when we had our first computer - an Apple II+. My father was an excellent chess player and his incompetent sons were not much of a challenge. We got him a copy of Sargon II, the best chess game for the machine. He would set it on the highest setting to play and would often have to make a move and then go do something else because the computer could take 20 minutes or more to make a counter move. He stopped playing it because it was too slow and he always beat it. I don't think he played another computer game ever.

Anyway, I am not religious, so I don't believe he's in a better place, but I miss him. Goodbye Dad.

Akuf's picture

Sorry for your loss.

If you need anything....
Wait, you don't have my number (I think, at least I don't have yours).

Call everyone else.

Again condolences.

Coxxorz's picture

Mr. Blade Sr. sounds like my kinda guy, wish I had a chance to get to know him.

But he definitely wore it better than you.

Ice's picture

My Condolences to you and your family

Graybush's picture

from the GB family.

MauriceRevek's picture

Sorry for your loss. I am available as well if you need anything.

SeanmcR6's picture

Sorry for your loss.

Guba's picture

Disregard Blackwalt's comment... or Blackwalt entirely. (Trust me it's easier that way)
We, Rolly and I, are here if you need anything. Please put us out.


Stormblade's picture

Blackwalt ... hmm ... I got nothing.

Thank you, and Q-Bert too, but I am ok. I will be in touch though.

Now I have to look up this Blackwalt guy. Maybe on Wikipedia.

Stormblade's picture

Not sure why he wants me to contact Q-Bert though ...

Blackwalt's picture

I enjoyed the many times I met him. He was always entertaining to speak with.

If you need help with anything call Q-Bert.

Q-Bert's picture

Call me if you need help with anything.

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