You are hereWhat can we do to bring Nazi Zombie Army to consoles?

What can we do to bring Nazi Zombie Army to consoles?

By Blackwalt - Posted on 13 January 2014

I am doing what little I can think of...

Petitions? I should look into that. Spam the developer? Well... can't see that ending well.

Support the developer by purchasing the base product of Nazi Zombie Army? That would be Sniper Elite V2 by the way. Well, why not? That actually sounds fairly positive.

Okay, let's do that:

Done. I even replied to this tweet from Jason Kingsley - Co Founder, CEO, Creative Director of Rebellion.

I wanted Rebellion to know that I had purchased Sniper Elite V2 (new, duh) solely in the hopes that they might bring Nazi Zombie Army (1 and 2) to the Xbox 360. Sure PS3 can have it as well but it is the Xbox 360 I am concerned about. That is where I kill all my zombies.

So that is my suggestion. Show your interest in a console version of Nazi Zombie Army by purchasing a copy of Sniper Elite V2 and tweeting proof of your purchase. Should we hashtag our tweets? #NaziZombieArmy? Why not. NZA has other meaning which seems to confuse things (New Zealand Auckland).

Or if you don't care for Hashtags make sure Nazi Zombie Army is in your post somewhere. I am sure Rebellion runs regular searches on their product names. Just make sure they see it!

Those of you that are regularly employed or really interested in killing zombies could even go the extra mile and buy two copies! Two!

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