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Team HoC Ghosts: Operation Barrhaven

By Blackwalt - Posted on 19 November 2013

The few, the proud, the random...

Well, the few part was accurate.

About the above image. While it was heavily Photoshopped to emulate the Modern Warfare 3 Op Kingfish picture the Ghosts masks were real. They were part of the door prizes handed out. Since most of you weren't there I guess you are destined to be cold this winter.

Just like every weekly Sega Nite, Coxxorz's impromptu LAN party was sparsely attended. Nothing we were worried about or surprised by. Coxxorz and I settled into his living room for an extended coop day and if anyone else showed up that would be fine.

Despite his constant promises and threats I think we were both still surprised when Q-Bert showed up at the door. Complete with his gaming PC. Close, Q-Bert, so very close.

I kid, it turns out he just had his box mislabeled. Once it was opened up we discovered he had not only brought his Xbox 360 but he had stopped on the way over to purchase Call of Duty Ghosts. Then he spent 30 minutes trying to convince his Xbox 360 to open it's DVD drive. It was an entertaining 30 minutes involving much cursing, strange Xbox 360 noises, a collectible paper clip and, worst, the realization that Ghosts came on two DVD's and Q-Bert would need to convince his Xbox 360 to open up a second time. As I said, entertaining.

He did get set up and more impressively he did play. I don't want to harp to much on Q-Bert's Call of Duty play style. It is not his preferred game series. I will only say this. I have never, ever seen anyone take that long to reach Rank 2. Ever. Rank 2!

Now, I said I don't want to harp on his play style and I don't. However, when Snuffy D showed up without his Xbox 360 he decided to sit beside Q-Bert and coach him through some Call of Duty multiplayer. This was truly the ultimate in Herd of Cats' comedy gold.

Coxxorz and I were laughing so hard we could barely breathe.

    "Shoot him. Him. Him. That guy right there!"


    "Just no."

    "Look out."

    "Reload, reload... nevermind."


    "Shoot anything."

The sentences he didn't finish were funnier than the ones he did.

    "Don't go that wa..."

    "There's a guy right..."

    "Watch out for..."

    "No don't..."

    "He's on your..."

After half an hour Snuffy D was turning an alarming shade of purple and Coxxorz and I were worried about his physical health. Not that we stopped him or anything. This was comedy gold.

Still Q-Bert (and Snuffy D) both stuck it out and I would consider it a good HoC effort by them both. After a few hours of constant comedy we changed up our Ghosts to the coop modes of Squads and Extinction. Partially to relieve the pressure on Q-Bert and partially to give Coxxorz and I a chance to catch our breath.

The pizza was good, the chocolate/coffee beer was apparently good and even the company was good. A small, yet successful, Coxxorz LAN party.

And just to prove the Ghosts masks were not Photoshopped here is one of the photos taken during production:

I hope to do a full story on their production eventually. Just to drum up site readers.

Stormblade's picture

... in having a LAN party for a game most of us didn't buy?? That's like me setting up an ACIV LAN party.

Coxxorz's picture

And just for this LAN too, as he'll probably not play it much again, if at all. That's just the kind of guy he is.

Did I miss your ACIV LAN party? Darn, I was totally gonna ignore it.

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