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As I sit in a Hotel room in Toronto...

By Q-Bert - Posted on 02 January 2008

... and listen to 9 Gigs of music shared via someone's iTunes on the hotel's guest network, I would like to remind everyone to install some sort of Firewall software on your damn laptops.

Fly by Night, by Rush; brought to you by some poor schmuck on the 5th floor (or thereabouts).

Ahh the Escapist

By Noir - Posted on 02 January 2008

I thought I would share another good video review from Yahtzee. I believe the last one posted on this site was about the craptacular Halo series. This one is about Mario Galaxies.


So... Q-Bert comes over tonight to play Xbox 360

By Blackwalt - Posted on 31 December 2007

Among others things. His wife and kids are also here.

I talk to him on the phone in advance. "Make sure you bring Crackdown. I thought we should have a two player game in case no one else is online."

So Q-bert shows up with Crackdown. Only Crackdown.

Am I right in considering him an idiot?

Just curious.

OK, I won't promote it...

By Q-Bert - Posted on 30 December 2007

but is funny:

Blackwalt, how I hate thee...

By Q-Bert - Posted on 30 December 2007

And not my regular constant seething hate, but a more poignant, musical hate. And this occurred to me at 6am this morning.

Gabba: "I don't know how to plug in the microphone, go and wake up daddy..."

Bouzie: "'K!" bom bom bom bom
Bouzie: "Daddy! Wake up!"
Me: "Mhhhrrmh ?"
Bouzie: "Wake up!"
Me: "Why ?"
Bouzie: "Wake up!"

Yes, love was in the air this morning...

Zellers and free money.

By Blackwalt - Posted on 28 December 2007

Seriously, sometimes I am confused by our consumer society and the corporate lack of logic. Unlike the EBgames style however, this was in my favour.

I received for christmas a very nice present in the form of "Live free or Die Hard" on dvd. Great, I was looking forward to it. Unfortunately said gift was a Full Screen version as the gift came from a non-technological, non-geek type person. Yes Virginia, they do exist.

2008 HOC New Year Frag Fest

By MauriceRevek - Posted on 28 December 2007

How do you show your friends how much you appreciate them?

Why by Fragging them of course.

All HOC members and their friends are invited to the inaugural Frag Fest at my New House!

Date: Saturday Jan 5, 2008
Start Time: 2:00 pm Read more

HOC Movie Event

By MauriceRevek - Posted on 26 December 2007

All right Herd Members. A New Year is about to begin, and what better way to start it then with a movie.

In theathers January 25.

Stormblade, you will be expected to fly to Ottawa for this event.

Christmas Miracle

By Stormblade - Posted on 26 December 2007

K, so I was told my Mac Mini would arrive on Christmas Eve ... via the US Postal Service.

Yeah, right.

The same US Postal Service that makes Canada Post look good.

So, there I am, at my Brother's house, waiting patiently for the box to arrive. It doesn't. Go figure. Instead, I decide to get wildly intoxicated. Ok, I was doing that anyway, but it was easier once I accepted my Mini wasn't showing up. Read more

Mass Effect update

By Blackwalt - Posted on 22 December 2007


I'm a SPECTRE!!!

And no, I have no idea what that means either....

Blackwalt's Game Mystery

By Stormblade - Posted on 18 December 2007

Where did the games go? Did Guba throw them out to stop the madness? Did Halfpint take them to play them himself? Did Rolly take them because "Master Chief Funny"?

Who knows the truth?

They all have the initials 'BW' on the disks.

Mine don't.

At least, not after a little rubbing alcohol ...

Calling all Herd members!

By MauriceRevek - Posted on 12 December 2007

Are you suffering from the winter blues? Do you have any idle time that you just don't know what to do with? Tired of getting dragged by your better half to go Christmas shopping for some nice ribbon to put around the presents?

Have I got something for you!

You can come and......

Wait for it..... Read more

1:55 - "Critical Mission Failure"

By Blackwalt - Posted on 11 December 2007

Well this could mean just about anything...

It's time.

By Blackwalt - Posted on 11 December 2007

I have the house to myself, the day off work, and a fresh pot of coffee just brewed.

Let's crack the shrink wrap on this puppy and see what it's made of...

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