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I Hate Birthdays

By Akuf - Posted on 24 August 2015

So some my costume, gym and personal friends pitched in and got me this.
Where the hell were you guys? ;)
Also, I'm considering getting Destiny for it may need you guys to help.

Best Video Game Commercial EVER!

By Akuf - Posted on 21 August 2015

Random awkward deflation

By Akuf - Posted on 17 August 2015

Random song reference

By Akuf - Posted on 17 August 2015

Finally beat, the second time around.

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 09 August 2015

Seems starting with a Goliath, and being equipped with the Blunderbuss AND the trident did the trick. The Blunderbuss does soooo much damage, he had just turned red and one shot POW.

After that I made it until round 24 where I got greedy for a Reload. Greed always ends in death!

Anyway, after finishing that game I received a notice that I completed the story and unlocked a new end story cinematic. It was pretty slick, Lilith even had a flame thrower!


Random Old Tech Ad non Coxxorz deal

By Akuf - Posted on 04 August 2015

"It is like-new and barely used Very clean Works Perfect! Excellent condition from a smoke and pet free home
No chips, cracks, or repairs on this piece."
Only $50


I Laughed a Little too Hard

By Akuf - Posted on 30 July 2015

Sooooo close

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 25 July 2015

Well, what to do when everyone else is at the beach or camping? Play solo I guess.

Ohm & Pryatek, no special grenades.

End of level 29, 2 dozen zombies left and swarming me outside of med bay...teleported to safety only to realize I was infected and had 5 seconds to live :( made to moon pool but died 10 ft from the decontamination pads!

Sooooo close to lvl 30 :( Read more

Saturday morning laugh

By Akuf - Posted on 18 July 2015

When you're half asleep and arrive at the gym on Saturday morning and you realize


By Akuf - Posted on 14 July 2015

May Be Relevant Here

By Akuf - Posted on 14 July 2015

Blackwalt *thinks* He's Batman...

By Akuf - Posted on 23 June 2015

Blackwalt *thinks* He's Batman...

But he isn't
Here is a costume making online mentor.
Julian Checkley aka Darth Serberus from Order 66 Creatures and Effects (link below).

No this is NOT a screen shot

Watch a video here:
Link to Order 66:
More photos here:

You expect us to do what??

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 17 June 2015

I love a good challenge. Tough challenges are awesome. It's one of the reasons I like gaming.


Having learned what's required to finish the Carrier map in Exo Zombies, I have to say goes beyond a challenging requirements for level/game completion. I have to believe these steps must be leaked to the hardcore COD video bloggers. A nugget. A hint. Something must be leaked for this workflow to be flushed out. The steps are so random. You'd think the HoC clan would be good at it. Sadly, it's not OUR kind of random. Read more

We Did It!

By Akuf - Posted on 13 June 2015

Remember a while back when I discovered a way to actually make kinect useful?
If not read about it here here

Well, finally got around to doing it.

Fallout 4? Finally?

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 02 June 2015

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