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Who turned on that bright light?

By Stormblade - Posted on 04 September 2007

And who are all these people wandering around the house? They don't look German, maybe I will let them live...

Ok, It's possible that I played Call of Duty 3 a little too much this weekend. So I finished the game in two days, so what? You got a problem? Maybe I should grab my Bren and ...

uh, sorry. I guess I killed one too many Germans. Read more

Still Running Day 2 - 6

By Ice - Posted on 01 September 2007

So after breaking free of the Mad Scientists it appeared that I need to get as far away from the scene as I could. With sketchy plans I head out. Read more

Over the wall and into Hell

By Stormblade - Posted on 30 August 2007

Ok, I admit it.

I have NO idea what took me so long to get an XBox 360. Maybe it was anti-Microsoft sentiment, maybe it was lack of funds (more likely). I don't know.

But when I fired up Call of Duty 3 last night, I just couldn't believe my eyes. I have never seen anything or played anything like that. It was so pretty, I wanted to cry. Read more


By Q-Bert - Posted on 29 August 2007

So, how much is Xbox-live for the 360 anyways ? Per month...

Xbox 360

By Q-Bert - Posted on 29 August 2007

I've been thinking about an Xbox 360 to play with you girls...

But I cannot get used to the controls. Lord knows I've tried.

Now I see this:

Seriously, if I get these controls, will you guys tell me to ***k *ff ? I know a lot of Xbox fans feel it is unfair to use kbd+mouse on console games...

Really bad movie night - The Finale!

By Stormblade - Posted on 28 August 2007

I should have known better.

I mean, I do know better.

This is the same guy who used to give me the second of a really bad series of books for my birthday and would keep asking me if I had read it yet. Just so you understand, some of the titles were 'Revenge of the Fuzzy Bunnies' and 'Samurai Cat goes to Hell'.

Yes, classics.

So when Blackwalt recommended that I watch Jackie Chan in Who Am I?, I should have known better.

But I didn't, and I am still recovering, some 14 hours later. Read more

Rogers, for the love of gawd

By Q-Bert - Posted on 28 August 2007

Every evening, Rogers Internet goes kaput now. It's been doing so steadily for 6 nights in a row. There is also a lot of ghosting on the TV tonight.

Rogers, can you get your friggin' act together ? It's not like our local loop is part of a construction area, so it *has* to be the central office. If your admins can't cut the mustard then get some real help. You are looking just as bad as Bell right now, and that means you cannot go lower...

Stop paying crap salaries and hire some competent people.

Edit: I posted this at 5am, THE NEXT DAY since Rogers was kaput until 1am.

I have a holster too...

By Q-Bert - Posted on 27 August 2007

It's for my CASH, not my DS...

Day one - on the run

By Ice - Posted on 27 August 2007

Prior to my escape I had been part of an experiment involving monkey bars and swinging. Apparently my IQ wasn't high enough to warn me not to participate. The results were used by the Mad Scientist to find the correct specimen.

The pain was tolerable but getting worse.... Read more

Escape from the mad scientist

By Ice - Posted on 26 August 2007

Ok. I'll admit they all seemed normal. I should have known better.

It was a small compound in a wooded area, just a few miles from the border. The perfect location for the sick experiments within.

It wasn't till the second night that I realized the purpose. To create a genetically superior monkey. Project "Build a Monkey", I'm sure it was an alcohol conceived conspiracy to make a monkey smarter than a cat. Read more

Really bad movie nights

By Half-pint - Posted on 26 August 2007

Seriously, this new guy can't pick a good movie to save his life.

Just let me out before you hit play!!

I had thought Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon had a chance as it had a big cat in the title but after 30 minutes, there was no sign of cat. Bored, I asked to be let out.

And Jackie Chan is awesome despite what this guy thinks. The complaints, one after the other, I tried to turn of the second movie just so I wouldn't hear him diss Jackie any more. That Jackie Chan is half cat.

Hopefully, I can convince him to watch Who am I which is my favourite Jackie movie.

Really bad movie night - Night 2

By Stormblade - Posted on 26 August 2007

Bring on Jackie Chan!!!

I considered Q-Bert's idea of Sex and the City, but I have never really found what little I've seen of that show to be entertaining and Sarah Jessica Parker gives me the creeps.

So, Robocop looked interesting and it has probably been 20 years since I last saw it, but I just wasn't in the mood. Browsing over the collection, I ran into Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights. I took them down and showed them to Half-Pint, who rrowled in disgust and asked to be let out. Everyone's a critic. Read more

Really bad movie night

By Stormblade - Posted on 25 August 2007

Tiger Dragon

I was bored last night. No XBox, not in the mood for PC games, and Patches has now decided I am harmless, so there is no entertainment there either.

So down to the basement to inspect the movie collection.

Now it must be said that Blackwalt's and my movie tastes run along the same vein, so there's not a whole lot there that I haven't seen and don't own. He does have a tendency to invest in movies one might consider 'B' or 'C' (and in some cases 'D') movies that I avoid, so I decide to look through these.

Um ... it was tough. Read more


By Q-Bert - Posted on 23 August 2007

So, working today at the call center...

All calls handled...

My connection to my home machine is down because Rogers decided to be in toilet-seat mode...

Caught up on all of my mailing lists and forums...

Nothing new on Slashdot and Digg...

Can't read Fark from here ...

You guys don't post shit on this site ...


And then there were 3 errr 5 errr 6...

By Q-Bert - Posted on 22 August 2007

So, Noir left for BC this morning. So, that's one less in the house.
AND I kinda lost Maurice since he's now involved with Bioshock.

Oh, and my Tivo's guide data is now offline forever.

I guess I have to actually interact with Pebbles now.

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