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There are a thousand stories in the Naked Seating.

By Half-pint - Posted on 16 July 2008

This is only one of them

When the flood comes...

By Half-pint - Posted on 17 June 2008

...I'll be ready

I've got my survival gear and I am wearing it right now. Let the thunder storms and downpours come! I am prepared.

Although I am much better looking than the model they used.

Good thing it comes in feline extra-large.

Got my site fixed

By Half-pint - Posted on 01 May 2008

And only a little blood spilled

Some judicious applicantion of my claws, a bite here and there, and some screaming like a little girl, "ow, ow, ow, let go, let go! Not there... noooo! I'll fix it, I'll fix it!!!"

Not my screaming of course.

And while I can't guarantee the lessening of GTA4 coverage, at least we aren't slapped in the face each time the site reloads.

Let me know if we got it all. My claws are still sharp.

Day 1

By Half-pint - Posted on 09 April 2008

    Went out
    Came in
    Went out
    Came in
    Threw up
    Went out
    Came in

I think I'll be safe here.

By Half-pint - Posted on 24 October 2007

The pressure of running Herd of Cats is getting to me.

I think I'll hide here for a while. I don't think anyone will find me here.

I feel safe here for some reason.

Really bad movie nights

By Half-pint - Posted on 26 August 2007

Seriously, this new guy can't pick a good movie to save his life.

Just let me out before you hit play!!

I had thought Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon had a chance as it had a big cat in the title but after 30 minutes, there was no sign of cat. Bored, I asked to be let out.

And Jackie Chan is awesome despite what this guy thinks. The complaints, one after the other, I tried to turn of the second movie just so I wouldn't hear him diss Jackie any more. That Jackie Chan is half cat.

Hopefully, I can convince him to watch Who am I which is my favourite Jackie movie.

Who is this guy?

By Half-pint - Posted on 22 August 2007

My regular humans seem to have disappeared.

Some big guy who smells funny has taken their place. I would be more worried but he seems to feed me when I ask and let me out when I want.

But I don't trust him. I have set Patches to keep a close eye on him – she's the paranoid one anyway.

State of the Union

By Half-pint - Posted on 18 August 2007

As transcribed by Rolly. Edited for length. Honest

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