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How Money Hungry

By Akuf - Posted on 23 February 2009

Are Metallicrap...err I mean Metallica...
$70!!!!!! for their guitar hero game?!?!?

Song List:
Guitar Hero: Metallica Song List

* “All Nightmare Long” - Metallica
* “Battery” - Metallica
* “Broken Beat & Scarred” - Metallica
* “Creeping Death” - Metallica
* “Cyanide” - Metallica
* “Disposable Heroes” - Metallica
* “Dyers Eve” - Metallica
* “Enter Sandman” - Metallica
* “Fade To Black” - Metallica
* “Fight Fire With Fire” - Metallica
* “For Whom The Bell Tolls” - Metallica Read more

Forza 2 Platinum Edition

By Akuf - Posted on 20 February 2009

In case anyone cares
EB has it for $20 picked it up yesterday
Does anyone here actually have this game?


By Akuf - Posted on 19 February 2009

You guys didn't get this what better geek game is there?
Bikini clad samurais and zombies.

But of course it poorly rated. But since when has that stopped you guys?

So it begins...

By Akuf - Posted on 18 February 2009

Intel to produce GPU for PS4

Poor nVidia...serves them right....let's see if they get taken over.

Another M$ vs Crapple war brewing?

By Akuf - Posted on 17 February 2009

Well it seems that Micro$oft is entering the smarphone business (surprise, surprise)

I especially like this With CEO Steve Ballmer taking the stage, Microsoft lifted the curtain on its its mobile blitzkrieg launching an updated Windows Mobile operating system, a mobile application store and a mobile data synchronization service.

hmmm... isn't a blitzkrieg already mobile?

Valentine's day

By Akuf - Posted on 16 February 2009

So chinup girl ditched me. I ate myself silly gained 500lbs and made a new friend.

The Emperor's Opal Review

By Akuf - Posted on 13 February 2009

Well let me start by saying the Tammy reminded me of an old girlfriend of mine who was into all the weird occult stuff. She even forced me to attend the psychic fair once. I was rather amused being surrounded by quacks for eight hours of my life but hey that is a different story.

Now, without getting into too much detail and spoilers on to the review...

Besides the fact that the book is full of Reveks (had to throw this in there). Read more

Square Enix to buy Eidos

By Akuf - Posted on 13 February 2009

Achievement Whores

By Akuf - Posted on 11 February 2009

You know who you are, and when I read this I laughed heartily because certain things made me think of certain individuals in HoC.

Like the one that made me think this one: It's a Double! - 30 G - Got to Second Base for the First Time.
Except in the case of certain people here, I think it should be It's fly out! - 30 G I almost got to first base for the first time. Read more

Mattel Mindflex...

By Akuf - Posted on 07 February 2009

I can see HoC trying to incorporate this into HoC Nite

Or at least try

PS3 or Stand Alone Bluray player?

By Akuf - Posted on 07 February 2009

Which would you choose?
If you have a BR Player or PS3
Tell me what you think about whatever it is that you have.

I am considering getting one eventually.
PS3 seems more viable because I can also play MSG4 (which is probably the only game worth getting on it)

Let me know

NHL Arcade for Stormblade

By Akuf - Posted on 02 February 2009

Well EA has apparently made a ridiculous Bobble head hockey game. They apparently had stormblade in mind when they created it.

Super Bowl Weekend to remember.

By Akuf - Posted on 02 February 2009

Saturday Afternoon.
Pre-Super Bowl winter BBQ at a buddies place where he actually created this. And was trying to get me to eat it and I told him no it's ok I like my arteries just the way they are.
The evening went rather well then it was my Sifu's birthday which I reluctantly enjoyed crappy Chinese food.
Then I was off to a Caribbean party. Where I made a few new female friends.

Did the usual though I woke up a little later for obvious reasons. Read more

Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage

By Akuf - Posted on 02 February 2009

The first DLC for Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage basically is a new quest to the regular game.
I have not finished the regular game as of yet. But I would guess if you did you will need to load a previous save.

The story behind it is the liberation of Anchorage Alaska from the Communists Chinese. If you played the regular game I am sure you have seen the 'newspaper' pictures during the load screens. Also there is some amusing things about the annexation of Canada. Read more

Holy Crap - Just watch

By Akuf - Posted on 29 January 2009

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